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Re: Theos-World: SD original versus Boris de Zirkoff edition of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

May 23, 2001 03:56 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>What does T.S. mean? At one level it means the Theosophical Society.

Tony, another meaning could be spirit and matter. Movement (Tao & serpent as
you rightly say). The opposition of SS (standstill).

>Because of the breaking up of the Theosophical
>Society into different groups it then becomes the Theosophical Movement,
>which is not the same at all.

It is vice versa. The TM became the TS. There were many TS's in Europe and
other places before 1875. M. speaks about the TM in ML Nor. 32 of Nov. 1881
(p. 99 chron. ed.). That is much before the time the Masters decided to
split the organisation to save the kernel.

>The beauty and poetry and life and sacrifice
>are in the letters T and S. These make up the lower symbol on the upper
>covers of the Secret Doctrine, and are also in the upper emblem. (These
>symbols sadly lacking from the covers of the de Zirkoff S.D.). What does
>T.S. mean? Tau and Serpent. These symbols on the covers can help greatly

I can't find the TS emblem on the cover of the Pasadena reprint, too. Where
is it exactly located? On the outer hard cover?

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