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[bn-basic] Re: Dual mind and feeling of "I am I"

May 22, 2001 06:59 PM
by leonmaurer

Maybe this scientifically oriented description of fundamental origins will 

add a bit of clarity to the question of who am I? And, why I am I? (Or, at 

least give us some further food for thought.)

Picture this. In the beginning, the Cosmos awakened from its pralayic sleep 

and emanated (manifested) itself as a single ray of the Absolute or primal 

"spinergy," following a continuous three cycle sinusoidal path -- initially 

forming three coadunate spherical fields (two inside the other as a monadic 

unit) surrounding and interconnected with their common central zero (laya) 

point of origin. This is the only path that the initial abstract, nonlinear 

motion of noumenal space can follow in order to transform into the concrete 

linear motion of phenomenal space, while maintaining a continuous cyclic and 

self sustaining flow of primal energy necessary for supporting the entire 

universe until it ultimately returns again to its pre-manifest pralaya state.

Therefore, since the initial radiant line of energy flow follows a spiral 

path on the surface of the three spheres and continues in endless triple 

vortical cycles, always passing in and out of the center of the endlessly 

spinning central point of origin (twice in each triple cycle) -- we can 

picture this initial Monad, as twin inner bubbles of opposite polarity 

(having infinitesimally thin surfaces of string–like lines of moving force) 

connected to each other at the center point of origin of their surrounding 

primal field, and also connected to the primal field at their outer or 

opposite poles. To visualize the formation of these fields within fields, see 

symbolic cross sectional field diagrams at the following web site:

Thus, the zero (or laya) point of origin of the initial triune cosmic field 

represents pure SPIRIT, or universal CONSCIOUSNESS, and is the center of 

individual cosmic awareness, or "I AM THAT I AM" -- the ONE universal SELF, 

centered in its surrounding spiritual field, that, after manifestation, is 

fully conscious of its dual coadunate (therefore, resonantly linked) inner 

fields of action, ultimately representing both MIND and MATTER in intimate 


The surrounding triple field centered on this zero-point, initially (and in 

further differentiation's around additional coadunate zero-points) represents 

Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, Mulaprakriti-Prakriti-Perusha, Spirit-Mahat-Matter, 

Atma-Buddhi-Manas, etc.... With the initial central zero (laya) point being, 

metaphorically, the "window of Self awareness and willful intent" between the 

outer phenomenal and the inner noumenal universe. And, with the outer field 

of the primal monad being the "Ring Pass Not" of universal consciousness -- 

the limiting barrier beyond which all individually conscious entities 

involved within the primal field cannot reach. (This is the realm of the 
absolute, No Thing or Ein-Soph [to the Kabbalists], or Parabrahm [to the 
Vedantists], or Allah [to the Sufis], or Void, Emptiness or Sunyata [to the

As these dual inner fields further involve analogously (as above, so below) 

and, in turn, add dual inner fields surrounding their own central zero 

points, and as these new inner fields continue to each involve similar dual 

fields within themselves, ad infinitum -- an infinitude of zero points, 

reflecting the original I AM THAT I AM, appear -- each, as a unique, 

individualized self awareness or consciousness of their own surrounding 

triple monadic fields. Thus, everything in the universe has its basis in 

consciousness, and therefore, has the potential of individual self awareness, 

as well as ultimate Universal or Cosmic SELF awareness. 

Incidentally, the apparent non locality of these infinitude of zero-points 

(as well as their "entanglement" on the quantum level) is due to the fact 

that they are dimensionless (and thus, metaphysically, in the same place) and 

the dimensional triple field that surrounds them is coenergetically 

connected, thereby, to all other zero-point fields. Thus, it is said in the 

occult catechism that; "The center of the universe is everywhere and its 

circumference nowhere."  

Eventually, through a long series of analogous (fractalized) involutionary 

permutations, and parallel evolutions of fields within fields within fields, 

etc., etc. -- resulting in hierarchies within hierarchies within hierarchies, 

from galaxies to suns to planets, etc., and from minerals to molecules to 

microorganisms to plants to animals, and ultimately to mankind -- as 

individually self conscious Human beings. Later, as mankind falls lower and 

lower into more materialized forms, and after the awakening of manas, the 

awareness of individual self appears to be separate from all other selves... 

But is actually a reflection of the original zero-point of universal SELF 

(that is everywhere coadunate) within the triune monadic fields (surrounding 

each point of individualized awareness) -- that are, fundamentally, harmonic 

resonant transformations of the initial emanative ray of the "primal 

beginning" or Absolute origin. (Incidentally, this is the root of the 

fundamental laws of karma, action-reaction, cause-effect, etc.) Therefore, 

such apparent separateness is an illusion due to lack of knowlege of the 

three fundamental principles of universal origin, cyclic law, and 


Therefore, while our individual triune monadic field's central point of 

origin is consciously aware of our unique selfhood, or I Am I, as well as our 

uniquely interlinked mind and body as apparently separate, although 

interdependent and interlinked entities, it is, in essence, simply an 

individual ray of the living energy or "light" emanating from the Universal 

Source, and reflected through its hierarchical centers, starting from the 

original Ah Hi and Dhyan Chohanic entities, and continuing to their 

zero-point reflections in and through the Solar energies that gives support 

to all beings living on the planetary bodies (also living beings) located 

within the surrounding radiant field of sidereal light emanating from the 

central Sun, and through the "son Sun" of our individually conscious solar 


Thus, our individualized zero point of consciousness or self awareness 

(reflecting the original zero-point of cosmic, galactic, and lastly, solar 

origin) -- centered within our individual triune monadic field (i.e., between 

Buddhi and Manas) -- gives us an eternal awareness of our I AM I sense of 

individual Self as being in unity with all other individualized higher Selves 

emanating from the same source. 

However, when we perceive our center of self awareness as being any 

zero-point in or below the field of mind, we may mistakenly perceive our 

individual self as being separate from all other selves -- although, all 

selves stem from the same I AM THAT I AM, the universal SELF of ALL, that 

initially began these primal, and within them, cosmic and manvantaric cycles 

of involution and subsequent evolution. 

This is not the entire story, but I hope it is sufficient to answer our 

initial questions. 



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