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RE: [bn-study] Re: Replanting Diseases for Future Use

May 17, 2001 04:53 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, May 17, 2001


            Re:  Transmission of Karmic debts or rewards.




I fin this an excellent study in how karma develops for a person, isn’t it?  And then looking up in  theosophical literature for corroboration one can find:


If on our choice the resulting Karma is associated with the elementals and “life-atoms” or Monads, then any effort we make to meet the effects of our past will either harmonize or further agitate the motivational impress we lay on our vehicles and components.


If anything the motive for any recourse to health treatments is important.  Is prolonging our life merely to save the “form” because we are “afraid to die?”  Is it perhaps because we might further contribute to the work of spreading Theosophy in the world? 


There are dozens of motives to evaluate and adopt or reject.


But the final solutions are in the individual who is free willer and an “Immortal”. 


Whatkind of an impression is he/she leaving on the “little-lives?”  Is it going to be selfish or unselfish?


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Incidentally the following articles and references ought to be very useful in solving such a  problem


The spiritual Monad (Atma-Buddhi-Manas, or the Immortal EGO) will of course not “reincarnate” in animal forms.

But the skandhas (Monads of lesser experience) that form his/our “vehicles,” impressed with the force of a choice made to deviate from “right conduct”(such as theft, lying, lust, pride, or other vices) will go out from the chela and settle in animal or other forms which are consubstantial to and built out of many of those rejected and tainted samskaras some of which come from other humans as well.

However as in all things, the Universe (Nature) is a mild, forgiving and forever educative “Mother.”

She provides by Karma, every opportunity for those Skandhas (samskaras) to return (as future “karma” in this or a succeeding life} to the Individual Ego who was responsible for abusing and distorting them. 

He alone is to straighten them out and make sure that those ancient wrongs are remedied.  [ If you look up Mr. Judge’s THE PERSIAN STUDENT’S DOCTRINE -- JUDGE Articles,  Vol. I p 107  -- Heart Doctrine, p. 140 -- you will find these details given. See also in Judge’s Articles I p. 125  KARMA IN THE DESATIR.  Further H.P.B. makes direct reference to this in TRANSMIGRATION OF LIFE ATOMS --  H.P.B. Articles  Vol. II p. 253-5).  {These sets of books -- 2 for W. Q. Judge Articles, and 3 for H.P.B. Articles, are published by THE THEOSOPHY COMPANY, Los Angeles.}

Further, Mr. Judge in THE MORAL LAW OF COMPENSATION  Judge Articles I p. 127 gives eve more details.  But see H.P.B.’s article TRANSMIGRATION OF LIFE ATOMS as it isthe best and clearest.cative "ofthose rejected an





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Mayn't the spiritual experience of fighting a disease, win or lose, or discovering a cure for the disease, fulfill karma as well? Certainly physical suffering has its place, and is part of the experience of this life, but it escapes me how suffering voluntarily when there is an option not to can be correct. If accepting a particular suffering is a personal choice, that's certainly a personal decision, but for those who choose differently, does that imply a karmic "penalty?"





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