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Re:Motive -- a PARADOX.

May 16, 2001 06:55 AM
by DNisk98114

Subject: RE: RE: Motive  --  a PARADOX.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

     Re:  Astral and Psychic Plane investigation  --  DANGERS

Dear Friend:

This really has to do with the Powers of the Mind especially over
the Psychic or KAMIC nature.

If we place our Minds so as to look between two opposites:
WISDOM and FOLLY we will see the difference immediately.  WISDOM
demand unselfishness and universality and a deep abiding care for
the welfare of other beings -- Brotherhood typifies it.

FOLLY, DESIRE, PASSION   ( all Kama) are self-centered and
essentially careless of the results that might accrue t the
investigator or to the beings around him.

The essential difference between PASSION/DESIRE and MIND/THOUGHT
is that Passions are on their own unable to rationalize.  They
cannot anticipate a potential range of effects.  If the
Passionate desire is able to seduce the Mind and create a union
there, then the Wisdom aspect may be excluded partially or

We as human Monads are MIND-BEINGS and are undergoing the section
of wisdom-acquiring which determines whether we will be a
continuing asset to Nature and her vast educative work or whether
we will get entangled in the meshes of personal desire -- Kama.
In the process of individual or self-development, each human
Monad has to determine whether they will become WISE, or remain
foolishly opposed to Nature and her Laws of fairness and
perfection FOR ALL.  You will find that H.P.B.'s  THE KEY TO
THEOSOPHY discusses these options rather clearly.  The nature of
the MIND is freedom to think, and freedom to choose.  Thee
freedoms can never be totally cancelled or abridged by any
outside influence, but delay and disappointment can be induced
when the Psychic is chosen over the Buddhic-wisdom of the

The only reason why Theosophy offers a caution in regard to the
Psychic and selfish use of "powers" on the secret, invisible and
occult planes, is because they are so dangerous, not only to the
one who may use them, but to those around him.

If we had NO warnings this would be very dogmatic.  But, I think
I already said H.P.B.'s ISIS UNVEILED is full of such examples
and warnings.  Bulwer - Lytton wrote two illuminating books
ZANONI,  and  A STRANGE STORY. -- both illustrate in their own
way the dangers involved.

I seem to remember a simile offered:  As placing a lighted candle
in the hands of c child who is wandering around a "powder

There is a kind of nature that enjoys the thin edge of danger and
walking precariously where others feared to tread.  They are
careless, we might say, of consequences.  They hope to escape any
trouble, and they do not are if others get hurt.  There is a lot
of fiction that employs this kind of theme and the TV serials are
full of it.

But no one really KNOWS the secrets of the "miracles" or the
"narrow escapes."

Many suspect that this kind of knowledge can be secured, but few
have had any actual experience with it.  The few I know of have
told me almost uniformly that the result of dabbling with the
invisible planes of the astral and the psychic opened them to an
attack by wicked and evilly inclined entities who seem to be able
to live cohesively there.  To escape they had to use all their
will power.  [ How this was done, they could not say, but, they
escaped back to this plane -- with a more or less accurate memory
of the event. ]  Without exception they all said they were
determined never to open those gates again.

If you are interested in a description of the psychic powers and
forces that are available "on line,"  then go to    and you will find that Mr. Judge's
THE OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY is available.  The last 2 chapters ( 16
and 17) give the descriptions -- they are worth reading.

I believe you will find that Theosophy emphasizes the good one
can actively do with and for others.  There is enough evil
around, and to add to it by becoming an "on-looker" or by being
merely "curious," seems to be highly dangerous.  I would add that
the knowledge of the Psychic realm usually perishes with the
death of the present personality (body).  A tendency is however
set up for future curiosity.  The WISDOM THAT IS ACQUIRED IN THE
RIGHT ASSISTANCE OF nature and its fair laws in not lost but
returns as a living force and always grows with each incarnation
that is pursued in the service of the Universe.

Karma of course operates here   In any case what adventure one's
self into an area where one is ignorant and unprepared ?  Sounds
short-sighted to me.

Best wishes,


It could also be noted here that H. P. B. had a MASTER and that the why's of
having one become quite clear  considering the above caution.

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