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RE: Kundalini, Tantras, Chakras, etc...

May 15, 2001 03:09 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Re: Kundalini, Chakras, Tantras, etc...

Dear K-------,

May I "butt in ?"

I believe you will find that H.P.B. says very little so as to be
practically nothing about Tantras, Kundalini, Chakras etc.

If you look into these you will find more or less garbled
translations of ancient texts. Most of them have for object the
aggrandizement of the PERSONALITY -- with almost complete
carelessness for the effect they might have (and of the welfare)
of others. This selfish approach shold be in itself a warning to

As I understand It, it is because they are seated in the planes
adjacent to our physical one. (In which we consciously live.)

And, because of this it would seem to be required by Nature that
we learn about the physical, about Karma, and about the effect
our choices have on our life through the instrumentality of Karma
thoroughly. We are given a relatively simple idea: BROTHERHOOD.
But it is not easy to practice it in all ways, or all the time.

And when this vast amount of new information (as given to us by
H.P.B. and the Masters) is grasped, and the laws relating to that
understood, in terms of MOTIVE, we may adventure into the astral
and the psychic planes. The VOICE OF THE SILENCE says much along
these lines, but, I am sure you know that already.

At present we are all deeply engrossed in the attitudes we call
(or qualify) as selfish.

But there are many areas of theosophical doctrine that we are all
learning more to understand: (At least I am.) The concept of
Reincarnation is not very clear. The Nature of the Immortal Ego
is not clearly grasped. Its relation to the embodied mind is not
easy to perceive. The separation between the Kamic (desire and
passion nature) and the MIND (Thought, memory, anticipation,
wisdom, etc...) is still to be clarified. If we (and Nature) are
conscious, and each of our many components is an immortal
seven-fold being (Monad) then how do we go about learning the
relationships and adjustments needed?

The operation of Karma as a balancing agent on the ethico-moral
plane of universal progress -- where no one is expected or
permitted to harm any other being or delay its program of
progress -- this is a quint-essential factor. It is brotherhood
in action, an attempt with all our heart to find out how we can
help others.

Curiosity, and an interest which has not been tempered with a
careful reading of the reports (as in ISIS UNVEILED) of the
dangers associated with these important factors, seem to drive
some persons to this kind of search and investigation.

But the prelude or prologue to such work needs fist to be
developed, grasped and applied with harmless generosity all the
time before such a study may be safely and harmlessly ventured
upon. Until such time as Kama (desires and passions) are fully
mastered) adventures in the astral and psychic planes may be very
dangerous to most of us.

I have noted the warnings and pass them on.

Best wishes,



From: G S

Subject: Kundalini

<<<To call this first kundalini sounds a bit forced to me.
Perhaps you can
explain why you call this kundalini?

Dear K-----,

There are many good books around today on

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