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Re: Theos-World RE: Motive -- a PARADOX.

May 15, 2001 11:46 AM
by parkplace3072

Hi DTB, I don't know completely why Theosophy imparts a sensible, stern
warning against black magic, sorcery, dugpas, and any desire to develop
any psychic natures in a student, and then goes on to avoid any actual
description of the practices to be avoided. The same powers that a dugpa
operates for its own selfish ends are similar to a wholesome magician,
seeking to advance fellow travelers, I expect that it is like the very
facts are aimed at those who know and not profitable to repeat for the
groups not involved.	Motive must be the line that delineates the
difference between a black and 'white' magician. These activities are an
integral part of the soul as the senses, and as such must be moderated
most carefully if one wishes to shun any destructive outcomes by their
actions. I do wish Theosophy might give a more clear description of these
most dangerous practices for some who may be contemplating such a
course,and further instruct some how they might protect themselves from
the influence of such a creature. Respectfully, ak

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