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RE: Theos-World Re to Peter

May 14, 2001 02:09 AM
by philo2

Peter, What you wrote the first time around was plain to see. Remember,
the Adept achieves in a short period what the average person will have 
to achieve over longer time spans. Should a soul takes the short route or 
the long route, both have to expend effort and overcome the obstacles. 
Only the foolish believe there is any way around nature's law. Every cycle 
of growth from lowest to highest is a cycle of initiation. Every step 
upwards on the golden rungs of the ladder of Life demands a sacrifice from 
the aspiring soul. Anyone can slide down the slope to the bottom of the 
arc of evolution - "error runs down an incline plane". But now or in the 
future, the journey back up them steps is real soul work and it don't come 
easy - "truth climbs laboriously uphill."

Do you know what Mr. Judge says about the future struggle ahead of humanity 
as the Kali Yuga progresses? There is big trouble ahead as those versed 
in black magic appear more openly on the planet. Sooner or later the inhabitants 
of this planet earth are gonna have to chose which route they want to travel 
into the future. Them who believe you only have to keep on reincarnating 
to be perfect are likely to be the luke warm that nature spews our of her 


At your request I have re-worded some of what I have written 
>to help
>you understand it. I had thought that to compare your statement with 
>passages from the SD and Mahatma Letters would have been clear enough,
> but
>never mind.

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