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Re: Theos-World WHO PLAYED THAT TRICK ON H.P.B.? by Boris de Zirkoff

May 12, 2001 01:18 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Tony wrote in part:
Once we do the kind of thing you are suggesting in your mail, surely the
Boris de Zirkoff S.D. (quite different to that of H.P.B. and the Masters)
comes into question too, because of the changes made there? The fact that
there are pictures of the moon landing, etc. in the work, surely points to
the way it has been interpreted by those editors, and thus the kind of
alterations to the text they make? You use the word "really," isn't it to
the inner globes HPB and the Masters were referring, rather than to the
outer planets . . . and so on.

Dear Tony,
I always find your comments very helpful and your various look on
alterations of the VOS and SD are eyeopeners and even in case all your
criticism is wrong (what I not believe) it is at least worth to consider.
Esp. the kabalsitic background to the VOS was very helpful to me.
With your point above I cannot agree. The fact that in the Wheaton edition
are photos from space craft is to me not a sign that there are errors in
text (although they may as you suggest of which I have no judgement at
present). I think it is very helpful in a popular edition to draw the line
to modern times as some say that Theosophy or the SD is outmoded. The photos
could help to attract those who are most likely no tre beleivers that the SD
is a serious book and not SF.

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