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RE: Theos-World Re Stemming the Tide of Materialism

May 09, 2001 05:43 AM
by dalval14

Thanks for setting me straight. I did not mean to misquote you.


PS	This is the only fault I find with organizations -- they tend
to bind and tie up.

Actually theosophical Lodges, Branches and Societies are (or
should) be designed for just one thing: The study of THEOSOPHY
and the sharing of opinions with a view to find the truth. BUSS.

That's all.

The politicking and the adding of additional organizations on to
the principal objective are all obstructions. They draw
attention away from the FOCUS.

UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD is universal brotherhood -- and it ought to
be practiced as an immense tolerance, especially by the TSes.

The T.S. and its members, have only to do with their own personal
work, self-discipline, individual study, and this includes: a
better and more universal and impersonal understanding of Nature
and her response to all ethics, morals, the history of our
evolution, the metaphysical SOURCE of ALL BEING, and the
progress we can make individually, if we determine to adopt the
Karmic patterns of life that Theosophy provides as a view and a
logical explanation for our continued existence.

And that is a very great deal -- but anyone who reads ISIS
UNVEILED and the S.D. or H.P.B.'s articles, and applies the
principles offered there, to him or herself, widens and deepens
their own perception of the intricacies of Nature and her great
compassion for all of us. We are not asked to judge others in
theosophy but, practice tolerance, and treat every event as a
learning experience. If there is to be any judgment it is to be
our own Lower Selves. If a T.S. does not live up to those
implied standards, then of what use is it? What is the use of
so-called "theosophists" who do not study THEOSOPHY ?

The rest is all froth and bubbles -- and a great waste of time.

Best wishes as always,



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>>Dallas, I think you are preaching to the choir on this point,
and I
>>appreciate your idealism. However, as one who has worked with
>>different Theosophical Organizations over the last forty years,
I have
>>observed that there is a great deal of difference between the
ideals they
>>preach and their practices.
>> To my mind, personal responsibility is the key here, as you
>> suggest. This is why I'm interested in learning about
>> Theosophist's views concerning what they believe their
>> are. Im frankly not interested in being told what "theosophy
>> teaches." I have all of the books, and like you, have read
them over
>> and over and discussed them alone and in study groups for
years. I'm
>> primarily interested is in the many different ways that people
have come
>> to understand these teachings and how they apply them.

>>Ramadoss recently quoted Radha as saying that "we have as a TS
such a low
>>level because we have not better members." In light of your
point about
>>personal responsibilities and individual karma, she is right.

It was someone else who made the quote.


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