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Re: Theos-World Digest Number 210\NUN

May 06, 2001 07:13 AM
by DNisk98114

The church , according to a recent radio blurb , is having a "HARD" time with
this woman.

Subj: Theos-World Digest Number 210
Date: 5/6/01 7:24:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

There is 1 message in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

     1. "Buddha" - Karen Armstrong


Message: 1
  Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 22:29:41 -0500
Subject: "Buddha" - Karen Armstrong

Little while ago, I accidentally watched a talk by Karen Armstrong - author
of a biography "Buddha" on CSpan-2. As one who has been around theosophy,
it was a very insightful presentation and I think anyone interested in
Buddha and Buddhism would be find it very informative and thought provoking.

Karen is a former Catholic Nun who has published several books on Religion
and her recent book titled "Buddha" is published by Viking. Her speech was
based on her book (which I have not read). Here is an brief abstract of the

Armstrong, Karen, Author

                         Ms. Armstrong discussed some of the themes of her
                         biography Buddha, published as part of the
Penguin Lives
                         series by Viking. Ms. Armstrong discussed some of
                         major aspects of Buddha's life and teachings. She
                         special emphasis on Buddha's ideas about human
                         and argued that the Western conception of God is
                         comparable to the Buddhist idea of nirvana. She
also argued
                         that the world's major religious traditions are
unified in their
                         insistence on the importance of compassion.


Ps: It is quite possible that the speech would be rebroadcast on Cspan-2
and I do not know when.


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