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RE: [bn-basic] RE: The Dual Mind

May 04, 2001 05:43 PM
by dalval14

Friday, May 04, 2001

Dear Friend:

The duality of the Mind is created by the eternal "fight" between
a consciousness of the universal SOURCE (SPIRIT) from which we
as mind-beings emanate. [ The S.D. Vol. 1 deals with this in
detail.] and the polar opposite of the Universal which is the
form limits of our Personality.

The concept of the MONAD is therefore important to grasp as
SPIRIT and MATTER re forever intertwined. Both of these as
separate pole (or point of view) are perceived by the MIND which
is innate to the Monad in manifestation.

ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS is called the ETERNAL PILGRIM because it never
dies. It is as old as the Universe in its earliest
manifestation. And it will last till the "endless-end."

Our present ideas are generated in the condition where the MIND
is embodied in its personality as we all are today. The
PERSONALITY consists of "monads of lesser experience'. These
cluster around the "advanced MONAD." The Spiritual thus always
acts as a mentor or a tutor and is available on request of the
Lower Mind (the mind enmeshed in desires -- also called

The quality of our MOTIVE directs the storage of mental
impressions and subsequent choices and actions to either the
HIGHER-MIND or the Lower-Mind. Karma originates in the quality
of our motives.

Motives may be broadly divided into selfless, altruistic,
virtuous and universal -- and -- the selfish, persona,
isolationist, self-serving and vicious type. One of the most
important points of all is that we intuitively KNOW the
difference at all times, regardless of our race, religion,
politics, etc...

We always (every one of us and at all times) have an innate sense
of justice and fairness active in us and we know when we choose
to be selfish or to take an unfair advantage of others. Why
should this be unless there was a constant and unwavering IDEAL
always present in the base of our CONSCIOUSNESS ? This sense of
truth and justice is called by some "The VOICE OF CONSCIENCE."
Theosophy affirms it existence and offers these explanations so
that we may assure ourselves of their accuracy and test them IN

Theosophy eliminates the uncertain and insecure mumbo-jumbo of
psychology which has only the Personality and the EMBODIED MIND
(associated with the brain) to observe and theorize about.

Since the electro-magnetic responses of the brain can be recorded
as well as other physiological effects (such as involuntary
responses, hypnotic regression and memory, REM, etc...) they
theorize, without being able to give reason or cause, that the
Physical Brain is the real man. Theosophy says this is a fallacy
as the physical Man and the Personality are the product of
interior forces, Spirit, Wisdom, Thought of an IDEAL nature,
will, choice and motive.

In man at all times there is a spiritual Self -- it acts as a
perceiver. It observes the quality of events as they flow in and
around us and it is aware of the physical, psychic, astral, and
mental correlations. [ A god article that deals wit this and
needs careful study is H.P.B.'s PSYCHIC AND NOETIC ACTION (ULT,
H.P.B. Articles, Vol. II, p. 7 -- BCW, Vol. 12, p. 250 --
Between pp. 66 and 76 (ULT) BCW, Vol. 10, will be found
valuable descriptions of this most important psychological
division of the Higher and the Lower Mind.

In S.D. II 167 H.P.B. indicates the reason for this duality. She
calls it there the 2 Egos in man.

The Mind is unitary but because of its affinity with either
BUDDHI or KAMA it divides itself and present two points of view
for us to choose from.

Mind is the growing tip of our present evolution. It a puzzle we
have to resolve for ourselves. Theosophy provides age-old
information found nowhere else.

Best wishes,



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Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 8:06 PM
Subject: [bn-basic] RE: The Dual Mind

DO the ideas we hold in the mind gravitate to one side of the
mind or the other. Or is an idea something that can be held by
both the
higher and lower mind so to speak?
Is it our ideas that activate the higher and/or lower mind?
Or is it
one of the "two minds" thatdetermines how we see the idea,


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