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RE: [bn-sd] Thought , Will and other...

May 03, 2001 05:25 PM
by dalval14


Thursday, May 03, 2001





But ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS (or the immortal and ETERNAL PILGRIM) did EXIST before manifestation began.


In Theosophy the concept of the obscuration between Manvantaras -- a Pralaya -- does not mean a total elimination of everything into nothingness.  That is illogical and Nature would not permit it.


The teaching is that these periods called Pralayas are periods of rest and the SPIRITUAL ELEMENT is always AWAKE and supports the rebirth of the whole KOSMOS and every being in it.  (S.D.I 27)


When Pralaya sets in it is for the Universe like our daily (nightly) sleep.  The spiritual nature is awake (dreams) while the BODY SLEEPS.  Dailythe miracle of the return of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS to its body occurs as we awaken.


There is always SOMETHING alive and awake that supports the many cycles of rebirth.  It is a universal LAW  - KARMA.  It is the group (or Universal) Karma and the Karma of each individual SPIRIT/SOUL.






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But where was the PARENT?
No babe  no PARENT.
A kind of chicken or egg problem , i guess.

It is interesting to see that some interpret the AH_HI as the parent to the
universal Mind.

I think the meaning of mind changes in SD, which makes it very confusing.

Maybe, Thought, Will and Feeling discussed in this Stanza represents the
spiritual Triad: Atma, Buddhi, Manas.  They did not exist before the


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