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RE: Theos-World Chrestos Question

Apr 05, 2001 11:42 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, April 05, 2001


Dear Friend:



Veryshaky hear-say I would aver



In ISIS UNVEILED concerning Jesus, H.P.B. wrote  that he lived till he was 80 and was lapidated (stoned) to death. 


[ References”  ISIS UNVEILED  Vol. II pp 255 & fn, 73, 339-40 fn, 545, 566,



SAIDTO BE BORN “OUT OF TIME”  ISIS Vol. II, pp. 204 319.



NAME  Immanuel  [ or Emanuel ? ]  not heard of that


            Emanuel   ISIS II p. 166, 440  [not Jesus]




SNAKE’S GALL from Simon Magus        I have not heard of that


            Simon Magus    ISIS Vol. I p. 471, 496;   Vol. II 87-97, 176, 189-94, 357-8, 567, 597.



FLIGHT TO ENGLAND   Unknown to me.  Never heard of this







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I'm having some difficulty reconcilingtwo pieces of information that are fairly contradictory.


Firstly HPB states with reference to the Talmud that Immanuel (jesus) was not crucified but beheaded(?).


Sir Laurence Gardner - whose proof is very very compelling - states that Simon Magus gave Jesus snakes gall - faked his death and then they fled to England where Jesus had children - the line continues to this day.


Any thoughts?




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