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RE: Monads, Monadic Rays -- Personalities -- Who are We ? Where ae we going ?

Apr 05, 2001 04:25 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Dear Ananda:

MONADS are infinitely small "life-units." But this is not a
question of
SIZE, only of potential. They pervade the entire Universe. In
Physics and
chemistry we speak of "atoms." We attribute to the atom,
immortality (it
never dies); perpetual motion (it never stops whirling); it has
existed and will continue to exist eternally. It is like an egg
with two
poles and these are SPIRIT (ATMA) and Matter (Maha-Buddhi). With
it is
associated MIND (Manas-the capacity to Think, remember and
potentially the future, (depending on the choices one makes.)

The MONAD passes through all the conditions of living:
elemental, mineral,
vegetable, animal and then reaches our stage (that of humanity).
It has had
innumerable incarnations and experience and these are
ineffaceably imprinted
on it "akasic" principle within it.

It is evident that all Monads follow Karma or the Laws of Nature.
"personalities" are composed on an aggregate of "Monads of lesser
experience" than we have. We are a Monad that has become an
Mind (Manasa) and the program of our present stud is to learn the
powers and
the control of the Mind. Our enemy is Kama (or unregulated
desire and

Thus the Monadic elements of our Personality consist of Monads of
experience which have been attracted to us under Karma, and they
unite to
form for us (the Mind-Monad) the personality and our physical
form. Like
the "atoms" the Monads are constantly entering and leaving our
personality -- they are born in on the air, the pranic currents,
the desire
influences, the astral light pictures, our memories and our
imaginings --
all these are Monadic in essence, and they cooperate with each
other and
with us.

All beings, "gods," "devas," etc.... are conscious of the
interior ATMA.
Their passage through the Man-stage has given them that
they are also aware of MAHAT -- the Great Plan of all evolution.
This vast
PLAN is based always on a previous Manvantaras and the Karma of
all the
beings involved in that period of development.

And this involves sub-atomic particles, atoms, monads, molecules,
minerals, plants, animals and men, then SUPER-MEN... and so on
including the
Adepts and Their chelas, Mahatmas, Bodhisattvas, Rishis, Buddhas
and Gnanis
of our world and of the Universe. But details of these would be
of little
use to us and so much is not given about them, except to show why
they must
exist and serve us as signposts which inspires us to proceed and
become some
day of their Fraternity. [ In Theos. Glossary see TRIKAYA,

Consciousness of one's SELF (Atma) always comes as the end result
of the
fight to control KAKA -- the vices and the cause of the
personality. It
must be clearly understood that all Monads are Karmic agents, and
they bring
to us the exact effects of our desires, choices, words and deeds.

The English language does not have the terms and delicacy of
found in Sanskrit, hence some definitions are quite crude and
need much
explanation. Your best teacher in that regard is H.P.B.'s THE
THEOSOPHY. Have you been able to secure a copy or get to read it
Internet at ?

The Monad by definition is the eternal spiritual Ego
As the agent of Karma it cooperates over the cycle on incarnation
providing a center to which the Monads of lesser experience may
come and
thereby participate in forming a new personality. There is only
personality at a time.

Multiple personalities are not the rule of Karma nor can they be
said to be
more efficient. Look inward at your own consciousness and ask
the question?
Who are YOU? To whom do you ask the Question? What are the Laws
of Nature
that permit the formation of a new personality out of the remains
of old
ones? What is your purpose in life? Why is there a sea of
surrounding us? What is the GOAL of evolution? How much of this
do you
already know as facts you have observed (not as information
received fro
third parties).

These are all very important questions and they need to be
solved. If you
use HPB's KEY TO THEOSOPHY and use the INDEX, and refer to the
she gives, many of your queries will be answered.

Best wishes,



sequence of questions you make in your inquiry.

Monads do NOT CREATE. Under Karma they provide a center for
evolution of the Monads of lesser experience that form our
personalities. In effect they provide the "principles" (or the
forms). [ S.D. I 157 explains ]

SPIRIT is every where. For the purpose of developing further
spiritual entities that are SELF-CONSCIOUS the forms are brought
together for their individual experience, and ultimate benefit.
(see S.D. I 157 181-2 )

Self-consciousness develops when the mind becomes active -- that
occurs in the Human stage of progress. We are now in that stage.

All beings which are able to graduate from the Human stage (of
developing an independent MIND), are conscious of ATMA as the
SOURCE OF THEIR BEING. Atma being universal and eternal it is
the basis for Universal Brotherhood. They choose to obey the
LAWS of KARMA because that is the way of constructive advance in
our Universe. By doing so we cooperate with all Nature.

Selfishness and isolation only cause disruption and delay. The
"Lower Mind" tries to delude the Real Man into believing
opposition to orderliness is true freedom. They fail to realize
that NATURE extends her support and cooperation at al times and
Karma is the educational director that restores balance to the
Mind by showing repeatedly that any confusion in thought and
action produces disorder, pain and suffering for whoever starts
this condition. Our decisions always return to us, until we
adjust them so as t be harmless to all beings.

No, no more than one personality manifests at one time. If this
one we know of, and are using now, is not easily controlled, then
why several at the same time.

The SPIRITUAL EGO is the permanent basis around which the atoms,
molecules, cells, Monads, etc.... of the new personality accrue.
[ see KEY TO THEOSOPHY and S.D. ]

Bailey's teachings are NOT original Theosophy as taught by H.P.B.
and the Masters.

For the correct definition concerning the 7 "Rays" see S.D.
S.D. I 570-575. ]

The "Rays" correspond spiritually and intellectually and
psychically to the 7 principles, which are all present in each
man. [ S.D. I 157 ] The preponderance of one, can be noticed in
terms of character and capacity. But, basically they are all
each equal to the other and all are essential to the Real Man as
his vehicles. They are also present in the whole of Nature and
enable cooperation.

As each human being has formed by his earlier choices in
past lives, his present personal nature; it will take some time
to learn and understand it, and then control its progress towards
independent self-consciousness which as it in it turn develops
results in a consciousness that embraces the Universe as a whole.
This may take many lives to achieve.

If possible get a copy of H.P.B.'s THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, and
also use the INDEX to the S.D., Key, and ISIS UNVEILED. The
Theosophical education you give to yourself will be of tremendous
help to you in the future. You will begin to see and understand
some of nature's secret workings.

[ These thoughts go round and round and they need an order to
them. I guess I
Am like Mr. Sinnett., I wish I could understand it all today. ]

Do not despair, THE FIRST LESSON OF THE occultist aspirant is to
be patient and to study NATURE through the medium of his own
small universe -- his own personality. Persistence patience and
diligence are the virtues needed for true scholarship. Haste
makes waste, and then we have to redo things. Better to spend
time in learning the right way, than endlessly repairing
mistakes. If we are suffering, or if we are watching the pain of
others we can be sure that Mother Nature is trying to teach a
lesson relative to the creation of that suffering by that
Individual. Nothing happens by "Chance" in nature. All is
regulated by LAW. Ours is the opportunity now, to learn those

>From the point WHEN We BECAME	an independent Mind-being we are
self-dependent and independent because of that Mind which is able
to embrace the concepts of the Universe from the ancient to the
modern, to the indefinite Future. Our decisions shape our future
as we proceed.

It also covers the entire range of time, size and motion as
universal effects derived from Spiritual CAUSES. Karma is the
general name given to this when they work together in unison.
Thus the Individual mind attracts the necessary Skandhas (Monads
of lesser experience) so as to assist and educate them -- that
develops in the Personality and it is enveloped by KAMA
(desires) -- Kama is ignorance and short-timed foolishness if it
is ever considered seriously -- hence it is called MAYA or
illusion. It perishes along with this body at death and is
survives eternally. That cannot be destroyed. Personalities
come and go and as we train them to act lawfully, so they reach
also to immortality.

But the spiritual virtues and exertions of the CONSCIOUSNESS are
impacted imperishably in Buddhi and will always bear witness to
this incarnation of struggle, learning and success.

The best way to ensure accuracy and universality to anything we
study or are preparing to do is to seriously ask ourselves if it
is UNIVERSALLY fair, just and true? Also ask yourself: "Would I
like this to happen to me?"

If the answer is NO, then abstain. There is no secret place
where Karma will not find us hiding. The fear of karmic
retribution is alone one of the most powerful attractors of
personal Karma. If in addition we appeal to our own HIGHER SELF
(ATMA) we may secure the assistance of the VOICE OF CONSCIENCE,
as a true and honest spiritual guide. Karma is universal and is
TRUE. The Universe exists for the Soul's experience says
Patanjali. [ pp. 23-25 ] It is our own Lower Self that misleads
us and tries to substitute pleasure for DUTY, and "games" for
serious thought about facts in nature. The Law of Karma
precludes any element of "chance" in nature's workings. For the
moment, our Personal consciousness may not be able to trace the
CAUSES of some particular event or "accident." But that does not
mean there was NO CAUSE.

The SPIRITUAL VOICE will never mislead us into selfish or
retaliatory actions. We need to understand that. If you have a
copy of THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE, you can take frequent counsel
with HPB. Let those spiritual injunctions be your guide.

Best wishes,



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