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Re: Theos-World Re:

Jan 31, 2001 08:05 AM
by Eugene Carpenter


Yes. It is a good idea to read the three or four books written solely by
Bailey. In one, The Light of The Soul, there are comments by Bailey on
Patanjali but the comments were reviewed by DK.

I'll have to check. I'm surprised that Bailey wrote Problems of Humanity.
In that book there is a clear pro-Palestinian position. It is the Bailey/DK
pro-Palestinian position( and I listen to Noam Chomsky very carefully) and
the constructive criticism of Homosexuality(in Esoteric Healing) that are
not politically correct. I see both as valid and constructive criticism. I
do not see the pro-Palestinian position of the Bailey Books as anti-semitic
as others might. There are several areas in the Bailey books that
constructively criticize the Jewish political positions and also clarify
that the United States will go through a period of suffering and miss
spiritual opportunities because of being overly materialistic. The Bailey
books are heavily critical of the U.S. failure to live up to the
Constitution concerning the civil rights of African Americans, too. So both
the Palestinians and the African Americans are defended and they are bravely
defended at a time when such defence was clearly taboo. Workers rights are
defended also and it is clear that there was great hope for the experiment
within the Soviet Union until it became clear that criminal elements took
over and the spiritual experiment failed. It is pointed out that Nikita
Kruschev was a very important disciple of the Hierarchy. There are two
sides of every argument and as long as we all play by the civilized and
cultured rules of argue-ing, without getting pathological, then this is how
we learn.

I could point out lots of issues within the Bailey books that would be
controversial and politically exciting.

Everyone be forewarned. Listen to experienced others and choose your study
materials wisely. Listen to both sides if you can and it feels right to do
so. If unsure, play it safe.

"Occultism is altruism, pure and simple."


We theosophists and neotheosophists can be open and heal any breech and
harmonize all personal differences and we can to this for our group and in
honor of HPB, clearly the greatest known "Light" of the world in recent


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> Eugene Carpenter wrote:
> >
> > The Secret Doctrine and Treatise on Cosmic Fire, the latter is not
> > acceptable to many intelligent, loving and sacrificing Theosophists, but
> > is dedicated to Helenna and seems genuine and sincere to me. If Cosmic
> > were to be destroyed, but I could give my life to save it, I would. And
> > understand about 5% of it! :-)
> Read the unchanneled book, PROBLEMS OF HUMANITY to see what Alice
> Bailey was like without the Tibetan's help.
> Bart Lidofsky

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