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Re: Theos-World Re:

Jan 30, 2001 12:53 PM
by teos9

In a message dated 1/30/2001 11:17:35 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> The Secret Doctrine and Treatise on Cosmic Fire, the latter is not
> acceptable to many intelligent, loving and sacrificing Theosophists, but it
> is dedicated to Helenna and seems genuine and sincere to me. If Cosmic 
> were to be destroyed, but I could give my life to save it, I would. And I
> understand about 5% of it! :-)
> Eugene

I am with you Gene, I have read them both, cover to cover, over the last 
forty years and I consider them complementary to one another. But then I 
never allowed myself to "buy into" the obvious political and intellectual 
biases started so long ago and so meaningless today. Both HPB's work and 
AAB's, have been fine companions to me during my lifelong search for meaning. 
The one, often augmenting and extending the explanations and meanings offered 
by the other. I refuse to join the ongoing debate about which is the more 
correct teaching of theosophy. By definition, all worthy forms of theosophy 
are constantly viable and constantly evolving. Just because it takes so many 
students, so many years of dedicated study to even begin to understand the 
depth of the wisdom being offered, does not mean that there cannot be other, 
equally valuable contributions and commentary continuing to emerge. Indeed, 
posterity DEMANDS that there will be! So, not to worry about the dissension 
between the various camps, that will continue and perhaps it is as it should 
be at this point in the human Journey.
For the few whose karmic moment has allowed them to perceive the power and 
the majesty of both these magnificent writers, It will be enough to rest in 
the satisfaction and joy of such a discovery.

By the way there is a rather interesting book that ties a neat little bow 
around the subject of these few e-mails. It is titled: "Three Remarkable 
Women" and it is a biographical sketch of HPB, AAB, and Helena Roerich. A 
very enjoyable read if one does not fall into the "nitpick" trap.


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> Dear fellows,
> Thanks for responding to my enquiry about the Roerichs. My friend found it
> very useful, and might even join the list.
> Meanwhile another friend came with the following question, to which some
> you might know a good answer:
> "I wonder if you could possibly point me in the direction of what you'd
> consider to be the best Theosophical book on the Three Outpourings and
> Logoi?"
> Thanks in advance
> Govert

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