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RE: Inquiries

Jan 14, 2001 11:03 AM
by Wes Amerman

Dear Friends,
Daniel is correct in his reply to Dallas in regard to the TUP edition of the Secret Doctrine:  It IS a facsimile edition of the original in all important respects.  They did, however, manually retouch the typeface, which in the 1888 edition was flawed.  A friend there once described the countless hours spent, meticulously retouching a torn-apart original to make it camera-ready.  I know of no "editorializations which are not all marked clearly" in that edition. 
Dallas, are you referring to the corrections made by Boris deZirkoff in his Theosophical Publishing House edition of the SD?  Some of the changes there are noted, but some "minor" ones are not.
If someone from TUP is on this discussion list andwould like to comment further, I would appreciate their views, especially if I am wrong or incomplete in my comments.  Someone more knowledgeable about the TPH edition might also want to contribute. Thanks Dallas and Daniel for providing important information to students. 
Best Regards,
Dallas wrote:
The ULT edition is the only totally photographic and accurate
reprint of the ORIGINAL 1888 edition.

The current edition published by the T.S. in Pasadena is quite
accurate to the original but includes some editorializations
which are not all marked clearly.  This can be ascertained by
comparison with the original.  Consequently some changes in
emphasis from H.P.B.'s original occur.
Daniel wrote in reply:
Unfortunately, what Dallas writes about the current edition published
by the T.S. in Pasadena [Theosophical University Press] is
in error.  The current TUP edition is a photographic facsimile
of HPB's original 1888 edition.

I have no idea what Dallas is referring to when he writes about this
edition having "some editorializations which are not all marked clearly."
This edition has no changes whatsoever since it is a photographic
facsimile of HPB's original.

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