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RE: Thinking and Meditation IS THERE A DIFFERENCE ?

Jan 14, 2001 05:53 AM
by dalval14

Sunday, January 14, 2001

Dear Friend:

I think a better definition of "mediation" is needed.

But first, what am "I" ?

Where do "I" reside?	In body, desire, mind, aspiration, "spirit?"

What are my powers? Am I 'ONE' or made up of several components?

What is my purpose?	Is there an ideal or a goal to be reached?
How much time is there?

Looking at those questions, one may start assembling known facts,
then speculations, then theories of consciousness, intelligence,
mind usage, visions, hopes, desires, ambitions, ideals, goals,
etc., etc. and establish a fine panorama of psychological queries
and definitions -- but, all are focused on giving some reflected
or reasoned concept of "I" and "I's" powers. We seem to be
accessing or building a mirror in which we may look at "I".
Incidentally that looking is with the "Mind's Eye." Perhaps we
get to know that we are inherently TWO "I's" and that the whole
balance of our life is based on an ongoing dialog between these
TWO. In the old Upanishads we see the analogy give of 2 birds in
a tree. The lower bird eats the "fruit" of experience, while the
second bird, seated on high watches the other.

Later we can ask: What are we going to do with the information
if we are able to secure it, and make sure the definitions are
accurate, safe and fair for us to use? Are we involving others
in this search, or is it entirely confined to our own field of
perception so far developed?

And, are we going to develop a changed or a vaster field of
consideration? This is like dropping a stone in a pool --
millions of ripples are generated till the whole OCEAN is
vibrating because of a small act of ours. Theosophy holds that
each human is centered on a MONAD which is an indissoluble
compound UNITY (in manifestation) of SPIRIT-MATTER. The
metaphysics of Theosophy as may be found in the first 100 or so
pages of the SECRET DOCTRINE ought to be consulted and
assimilated if one desires to secure help from the Theosophical
system. Additionally, the KEY TO THEOSOPHY ought to be
consulted, as it gives the logic of application derived from a
knowledge of those metaphysics. In another old text we are given
another clue: "The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS (of Man) pierces up and
down the 7 planes of existence and serves to retain the memory of
experiences on any plane."

How is this to be sorted out. Call this "thought" or
"Mediation" (as I do) -- the objective is to obtain as true and
universal (and impersonal) a definition as one can secure. To
plunge as deeply as we can into our own ESSENCE and SOURCE,
develops a sense of purpose. From such a base (developed either
consciously or unconsciously) we live and proceed to make our
daily choices. Have you ever secured to read THE YOGA SUTRAS of
PATANJALI. It is a good text on the mind and meditation.
Theosophy Company in Los Angeles published Mr. Judge's
translation I think it is about $ 5.00.

This implies we recognize the "exterior, vulgar, and
physical-matter involved "I"," and within, deeper into our own
so far unknown CONSCIOUSNESS, we seek the "immortal, superior and
spiritual "I" " -- which we sense holds the answers that we (the
brain-mind) are seeking. In other words: Is there any real
valuable, and true purpose to our existence? Can we discover it
through introspection? How do we develop the mental tools and
instrumentation to do this with surety and accuracy?

That is how I look at it.

Best wishes,



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> Descartes says: "I think, therefore I am.
> I say: "I think, therefore I am ... not meditating."
Or, "I think, therefore I am,... I think."

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