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Jan 13, 2001 07:00 AM
by ramadoss

The possibilities of info dissemination with the help of Internet is
expanding everyday. Two days ago, I searched the Napster website which is
very popular with music aficionados. To my surprise, I found that audio
files of Krishnamurti's talks. Even though there were only two mp3 files, I
expect more of them in days to come.

This points to the distribution/exchange of archived as well as real live
audio and video and rich multi-media to everyone in the world. This will
become a reality when each one of our homes is wired with broad band
access, which to some extent is already taking place through cable modem

Organizational "leaders" of many of the so called "spiritual"
organizations, are very unlikely understand either Internet as a medium or
its power to disseminate/exchange information and are stuck in their old
ways of protecting the printed materials sold for a profit. We cannot blame
them. Most of them belong to pre-computer age and hence can see only the
computer and internet as a threat to their control of flow of information
and the established order of things, which is to their liking and
justifiably they do what they think is the best. Technology is going past
them very fast and more things are to come. Hope, they will wake up soon
and get on the band wagon before the train (or plane) leaves!!!


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