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Dallas Tenbroeck and Frank Reitemeyer

Jan 10, 2001 11:34 AM
by Marina Sisson

Daniel wrote:
>But I am concerned about how the two of you have characterized the work
of both Brigitte Muehlegger and K. Paul Johnson.
>You may not agree with their conclusions concerning various alleged
activities of Madame Blavatsky. I may share some of your concerns and
views BUT why must we paint either one of them as bad people?
>I think Paul has had a genuine interest and desireto unravel the
"mystery" surrounding HPB's Masters.
I want to break my silence to say that do agree with Daniel.
Besides that, I've read all Johnson's books and found many interesting
points in them. I may not agree with all his conclusions, but I think that
there are various points that he rises that should be better studied by earnest
Daniel also wrote
>Dallas and Frank, if you see the fallacies in what Brigitte and Paul
have written about HPB, please present your facts and your reasoning and
refute their ideas and conclusions. This will be the constructive route
and will possibly help all interested readers gain a better
understanding of the issues involved
That is what is called to work with an open mind, freedom of thought and mutual
respect. As Master KH pointed, (CAPs mine)

"It is a universally admitted fact that the marvellous success of the Theosophical Society in India is due entirely to its principle of wise and respectful toleration of each other's opinions and beliefs. Not even the President-Founder has the right directly or indirectly to interfere with the freedom of thought of the humblest member, least of all to seek to influence his personal opinion. IT IS ONLY IN THE ABSENCE OF THIS GENEROUS CONSIDERATION,THAT EVEN THE FAINTEST SHADOW OF DIFFERENCE ARMS SEEKERS AFTER THE SAME TRUTH, OTHERWISE EARNEST AND SINCERE, WITH THE SCORPION-WHIP OF HATRED AGAINST THEIR BROTHERS, EQUALLY SINCERE AND EARNEST. DELUDED VICTIMS OF DISTORTED TRUTH, THEY FORGET, OR NEVER KNEW, THAT DISCORD IS THE HARMONY OF THE UNIVERSE. (...) Absolute justice makes no difference between the many and the few. Therefore, while thanking the majority of the "L.L" Theosophists for their "loyalty" to us their invisible teachers, we must at the same time, remind them that their President, Mrs. Kingsford, is loyal and true also -- to that which she believes to be the Truth. And, as she is thus loyal and true to her convictions, however small the minority that may side with her at present, the majority led by Mr. Sinnett, our representative in London, cannot with justice charge her with the guilt" (ML-85)

Frank wrote:

>I am quite sure that all serious THEOSOPHISTS are on Dallas' side and I expressly would like to THANK Dallas against the black magic attakcs. Every true Theosophists sees it as his holy duty to protest against such insane attacks.

I see with great concern and sadness how easily people, in the various
THEOSOPHICAL Movements call "black magic" whatever they do not
understand or do not agree with.. The holy duty is to act as Master KH pointed above.
Also,  I would like to remember that HPB also suffered this kind of
accusation, from those who did not understand her workand her methods
on that epoch. As an illustration, I bring to you a passage from
Countess Wachtmeister from her book, "Reminiscences of HPB":, p. 21:
"Having heard the absurd rumors circulating against her (HPB) and by
which she was accused of practising black magic, fraudand deception, I
was on my guard, and went to her in a calm and tranquil frame of mind,
determined to accept nothing of an occult character coming from her
without sufficient proof; to make myself positive, to keep my eyes open,
and to be just and true in my conclusions."
Paul, please, don't quit. It is good to have you around.

Yours, fraternally,


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