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RE:HPB and MASTERS -- K. P. Johnson and Dallas

Jan 10, 2001 06:07 AM
by dalval14

January 10, 2001

Dear Grigor:

While you may live in the area where H.P.B. lived over 100 years
ago, this cannot define her ability to promulgate a system named
THEOSOPHY and give in great detail a review of the history of our
world, our evolution and the system under which it operates.
These are known to the UNDYING Adepts.

Students of THEOSOPHY have and do find that the system is a
coherent one.

The existence of the Masters of Wisdom -- whatever "rank" may be
assigned to Them by the hoi polloi -- is clearly made visible in
early Theosophical literature and through the medium of the
publication of the MAHATMA LETTERS TO A. P. SINNETT. Your or my
personal belief is not a factor. The facts are open for the
consideration of anyone.

And the definitions that can be made, will inevitably depend on
the power of the individual to read, study, and correlate them.

Besides the "doctrine of the Eye" -- as found in the language,
and the words they used -- is what is named the "HEART DOCTRINE."
This deals with the inner and causal side of the Theosophical and
World operational systems which are a matter of occult and
esoteric matter. Some portions of these have been made public by
H.P.B. through her writings, books and articles. Only those of
us who make an active effort to study, learn what is offered, and
see if it is reasonable to assimilate and use those ideas as
practical ideals, will make sense of Theosophy and the ideal
moral objectives that it stands for.

What your and my opinions may be, each reader will have to decide
on their own whether they have merit or not.

I have stated again what I object to:

1.	the vulgarization on inadequate grounds of the ideal of the
MAHATMAS -- the "Masters of Wisdom."

2. I also object to the repetition of exploded allegations
concerning the nature of H.P.B.'s life and work. She was a
political "spy" for no one.

She was a "Messenger" for the Lodge of Adepts. They do provide
us through her and directly a view of the inner workings of the
Earth and Universe -- all harmonious and balanced on immutable
LAWS.. Pygmy minds (like mine and yours) are thus given a chance
to view and criticize an expositon of the LAWS THAT RULE THE
WORLDS since times immemorial.

To both of these I have registered a PUBLIC PROTEST.

Best wishes,

W. Dallas TenBroeck


As stated the "proofs" that are open for general scrutiny have
been summarized in a book entitled THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT
1875 - 1950 ($ 8.50 available from Theosophy Company, Los
Angeles - Phone: 213-748-7244)

The "Compiler, WISDOM WORLD has given additional assistance by
detailing other sources in articles published not only in the
original magazines THEOSOPHIST, LUCIFER, PATH, but also in
THEOSOPHY MAGAZINE's early issues [ Theosophy Company, Los
Angeles ].

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Academic books undergo a scrutiny,
have to meet professional standards,
cite documentation that can be
objectively examined by others,
and add suitable cautionary notes
about what conclusions the evidence
eliminates (the certain case) or
may support (usually more than
one). HPB's Masters Revealed meet
all those criteria. In many respects,
by painting a more realistic picture
of her, the book shows better than
the pseudo-hagiographic defenses of
her by true believers just what a remarkable
woman she was. I am from the region.
I recognize her as a real person from
that region with remarkable gifts. I
have been to Sufi tekkias, gnostic
brotherhoods, Tibetan Buddhist, and
Nestorian Christian monasteries throughout
that region from the Caucasus to Tibet to
Siberia and the Gobi. People need to get
a less romantically deluded perspective on
what real masters and brotherhoods and
monasteries are like. This book helps.
And I no of no one who has made money
on an academic book unless it was a textbook
for one of those very large classes that everyone
had to take and didn't want to take. Last I knew,
HPB and her masters was not a topic for a nation wide
general education course.

Grigor V. Ananikian

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