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Re: Fw: Theos-World Struggling to find the origin of the point of it All.

Jan 08, 2001 10:06 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Dear Max,

So what? It means that there is no death. It means that all natural
disease can be seen as signs that cultural groups and occassionally
individuals are out of balance and that now healing can lead to joyful
correction of hurtful chronic emotional attitudes or to the great healing we
fear and call death. It means that we are all together in this great
adventure called Life. It means that if we think and love and open
ourselves to altruistic motivation that we can see both sides, spiritual as
well as practical, harmonize both sides and do both properly, wisely, and
gracefully and later fully automatically as we reach, together, as one
humanity into the Cosmic States of Consciousness. It is a nothingness of a
job resisted, accepted and then well done, a peace that surpasses
understanding and dwells in the hearts of those who live within the eternal.
It means that while in the Matrix we can realize we are in the Matrix. We
can see that Maya is empty and therefore the perfect expression of a
consciousness so total as to have achieved the solution of all of life's
problems and then have Nothing To Do, and do well, the Joy and the Dance of
Life, forever, with lots of glorious Rest inbetween. But. Other than that
. . .. .well. .. . . . i guess you're right. Never mind.


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> Dear Eugene,
> OF COURSE it is all nothing. So what? That beautiful idea does not change
> anything. After the ecstasy, the laundry (Jack Kornfield). After the
> transformation, one still needs to have a house to live in, a car to move
> around, a job to make a living, and so on. And after enlightenment
> scientists still need to build models of things illusory and test them.
> max
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> >Dear Group,
> >
> >I am honored that Leon responded to some of my comments.
> >
> >See. My wish is that it is all nothing. This is a nice and concise
> >The question is not "why is there something when there should be
> >The question is why do we think and feel and behave as if there is
> >when , in fact, there is nothing? (AND WE GOTTA CORRECT EVERY LITTLE TINY
> >DYING).
> >
> >Leon seems to disagree. If I were you I'd put my bets on Leon, as to who
> >might be correct. We both might be as seen from the expanded logic of
> >sages.
> >
> >Anyway I hope you can appreciate how much fun this all can be.
> >
> >Gene
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