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Re: Theos-World Thank you from a new comer.

Jan 04, 2001 10:19 AM
by teos9

In a message dated 01/03/01 10:00:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Much of 
> what you say I do not understand yet, but what a wonderful puzzle to solve.

Hello Anandayoga,

In your observation above, the operative word is "yet." Your use of it, 
suggests that at another level (the intuitive), you already know that there 
is more to come. And when it comes you will be ready for it. The study of 
Theosophy can occupy lifetimes but I know of no other study which is as rich 
and as fulfilling as the pursuit of Divine Wisdom. There is a spiritual 
timeliness operating in each of us when we first "discover" the ancient 
wisdom. Once discovered, try as we might it is impossible to ignore. For what 
we have discovered, is the very language designed to speak to the inner 
being. The words are the focusing device but you will probably find that the 
'EXPERIENCE" is entirely between the lines. Listen for the "Voice of the 
Silence" and a universe shall be opened to you.


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