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Re: Aphelion

Jan 01, 2001 03:53 PM
by Nick Weeks

From: "Eldon B Tucker" <>
> If we want to understand the special significance of the
> perihelion/aphelion cycle, we have to consider what it might
> symbolize, using the astronomical key, our intuition, and any
> stray references in the theosophical and other mystery tradition
> literature. I suspect, since the perihelion is the closest
> point to the sun, and the aphelion the farthest, that with
> the former there is communion with beings of earth and inner
> life forces of the sun, and with the latter there is communion
> with beings outside our solar scheme, with the aphelion being
> the time of easiest escape of the solar influence. This are
> only, of course, some initial, stray thoughts on the matter.
> What do others think?

For advanced Adepts there may be communion with "inner life forces of the
sun", but for aspirants like ourselves we might, at best, commune with our
individual solar forces and/or the solar force within this Earth Chain &
Globe -- that is, the Atmic/Auric Egg parts of our highest nature.

As for aphelion (around July 4th) the forces of this Earth Chain & Globe will
be, relative to the solar forces, most powerful. Depending on how
spiritually polarized we are, this would be a time to commune with our
non-solar (ie "lunar") mental & buddhic higher nature. If we are not careful
though, what we contact may be lower, personal energies.

Some theosophical groups have a practice of taking a summer break around
July. Perhaps (consciously or unconsciously, I do not know) they are
avoiding having any "esoteric" or "meditative" gatherings in thought because
of possible dangers around aphelion.



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