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Re: Compiler to Sherab, Leon Maurer, Everyone

Nov 26, 2000 03:32 PM
by arthra999


Keep using your name Sherab and don't ask for anyone's 
approval or blessing, just use it, that's my vote. I think it's cool it's 
a kind of mantra. 

- Art

--- In, "Sherab Dorje" <sherab@w...> 
> Dear Mr. DeSantis,
> Thank you for your thoughtful remarks. It is an excellent 
> for why we should use a name designation when speaking 
here or any 
> other place. After all, the posting bears the akasic imprint of the 
> personal ego anyway. Names, however, are none-the-less 
> attachments of the ego. It is simply a matter of attribution.
> Mr. Shampan ask me privately about my name so I will offer 
that to 
> the group here as a matter of introduction since I am not 
known in 
> any Theosophic circles.
> The name Sherab Dorje was given to me by my Guru, a 
Tibetan Lama that 
> came into my life a couple of years ago. It is the name he gave 
> upon giving me the Bodhisattva vow and initiation. He calls me 
> Nyingmapa Sherab Dorje. My path is the Vajrayana way of 
> Buddhism. If you want to know the meaning of the name 
Sherab Dorje 
> look in a Tibetan dictionary or review it in Sanskrit as it 
> translates directly to Prajna Vajra. It is of course not the name I 
> was given at birth nor any of the others that I have discovered 
> the way. The use of this name is a way of breaking down the 
bond of 
> ego self to the mantra of a name. The use of the name Sherab, 
> therefore, becomes part of the practice.
> Now, if it is the groups request that the use of this name is not 
> appropriate then I would like to know.
> Respectfully yours,
> Sherab

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