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Re: Point of view- THIS is a Classic example (of junk mail)

Nov 26, 2000 11:49 AM
by Sherab Dorje

Dear Leon, Gene, et all,

Theosophy is alive and well apparently if this eGroup is an example. 
There are some very deep postings by many here that have invested 
long hard hours in reading, study, and meditation of the doctrines of 
Theosophy. This is enormously admirable and indeed, quite an 
investment of energetic action. Many demonstrate a unique depth of 
understanding about the deepest workings of nature and man. And then 
there are postings of a lighter nature.

Sometimes great truths lie in the simplest of comments. We have to 
remember that a little humor lightens the discussions up and provides 
some ... well, comic relief. Theosophy can be quite heavy as you all 

Personally, the format of this eGroup software and the interface 
leaves a lot to be desired because it does not really work well as 
forum software facilitating discussions all around on single topics 
but rather it is somehow encourages a kind of chatter of small 
conversations on a number of topics. This is due partly to the 
software configuration and partly due to the user's options for 
setting their profiles for differently delivery options; Some people 
will only see the postings here via copies sent by email and never 
surf to the eGroup site and engage the interface there; Others will 
configure their profiles to have Digests sent of the daily postings 
in the form of a single email message that you can't really reply to; 
While yet others configure thier profile to never receive email and 
only access the theos-talk eGroup via the internet, reading and 
posting while online. I think each of these methods facilitates a 
different kind of discussion style. So ... if you don't want any 
email cluttering up your box, simply reconfigure your profile and 
change the delivery method.

And one other thing, I concurr, in that I think that it is 
inappropriate to reply to a message posting to a thread and NOT 
delete the previously posted messages. If there is some phrase or 
line that one wishes to speak to directly then it should be included 
by way of example. It is such a simple matter to delete the previous 
posting and it is so much easier to review the previous messages in 
the thread because they remain on the server for a period of time. I 
have been guilty of this none deletion action when replying too, so I 
will change my ways and cut the repetition. I fear that a number of 
these postings that are soooooo long will never get read no matter 
how valuable they may be.

Last but not least from a friend,
The reason Angels can fly is that they take themselves lightly :-)

With some humor,

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