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To my Theosophic family:

Nov 25, 2000 06:21 PM
by arthra999

I want to thank my Theosophic brethren Nick Weeks, Peter 
Merriot, Daniel Caldwell, Bart Lidofsky and Dallas Ten Broeck for 
their responses to my concerns regarding the physical existence 
of the Masters...for their patience with me and my notoriously 
butured and sometimes tortuous grammar and spelling. 

But I do think we share in this theosophic family a commeraderie 
and agreement on basic theosophic principles. Like any family 
there will be differences of opinion from time to time and all of us 
are in the Lila or "play" of the ocean of being. In our diversity is 
strength and unity.

I also know you will therefore join me in supporting the 
Theosophical Order of Service and its various departments of 
Animal Welfare, Heraling, Arts and Music, Peace, Ecology, Social 
Service, Family and the Healing Network. The latest issue For 
the Love of Life was indeed a work of love.

Support the TOS and donate or participate as you can!
P.O. Box 41584
Tucson, Arizona 85717-1584

- Arthur Gregory

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