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Re: Theos-World The Theosophical Masters

Nov 22, 2000 03:41 AM
by samblo

\ Thank you so much for your post. I for one find little to argue 
in the summations you have condensed and make available to us all. It 
clear to me at least that you have done the work of a Scholar. I do hope
you will continue to lend your apt observations and results of the work 
you have engaged in to our group-it is invaluable. 
One thing that floats up in my mind at times is that stream of 
of Theosophy that occurred after H.P.B.'s death. Most if not all of the 
successors forgot or devalued the emphatic clear assertion she made 
"When I
am gone you can all whistle for the Brothers." Yet as time passed and 
others appeared who made strongest claims to have become the new 
Illuminati" of Master Takar Khoothumi Lal Singh, Morya, and others. To 
this meant that the "expansion" that was exemplified in the person of 
the Master
would become "contraction" as with the inbreathing and outbreathing 
cycles into 
the consciousness of man. I love your reference to the "Gnostic" element
inherent to progress of the individual and the Noetic Numinal 
experience that can 
afford the act of direct personal Gnosis in contrast to the paradox of 
our normal
gated state of consciousness. Man is truly the "Nexis" point of the 
paradox of

Where will your Thesis be posted? And by whom will it be published?

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