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Re: Concept of Mahatma

Nov 20, 2000 07:24 PM
by arthra999

--- In, "dalval" <dalval@n...> wrote:
> Nov 20 2000
> I wish to say that I heartily endorse what Peter Marriott has to
> say on this subject.
> Those who are real students of Theosophy know that it 
> only the description of those events in History and those Rules
> of conduct which are universal and provable by anyone for
> themselves.
> Theosophy does not require that person attest to this or that, or
> reject this or that, or recommend this or that. It does object
> most strongly to unverifiable opinions.
> Opinions to be useful ought to be matters of demonstration 
> proof.
> Best wishes,
> Dallas

Thanks for your remarks Dallas. 

While my reply to Peter may not be as legible I want you to know 
that I deeply respect you and have only written what I felt was in 
the best interest of Theosophy.

We can only draw conclusions from our personal search and 


Arthur Gregory

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