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Proven right or Wrong.(revised)

Nov 20, 2000 06:49 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

Here is a posting I once replied to without adding the original message. Please
read my explanation completely until you reach the last line, after this
attached message.. or I beg you not to jump to conclusion.
From: Compiler <compiler@w...>
Date: Fri Nov 17, 2000 7:24pm
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Point of view- THIS is a Classic


This may or may not be helpful to some readers:

As I read all of the stimulating scientific discussions here, and
personally having a scientific or scholarly bent, just being a
student who
is a theosophic generalist, so to say, in trying to understand it
all, I
keep clearly in the front of my mind at all times the fundamental
Theosophic statement, assuming that it is true, until proven
that "The Universe is Embodied Consciousness" -- on every possible


The key line that I was remarking upon is "Assuming that it is true, until
proven otherwise"......

Now I did cut only that line and added my opinion.. "What can be proven wrong
today, can be proven otherwise tomorrow"

My comment might have appeared to be out of context, but actually it was a
general remark .....regardless of context, "including" this particular one. This
particular context, I tried to explain with my poor vocabulary as I wrote
earlier to Mr Dorje in message no. 466 of this archive.

The (general) remark itself stood for our widening knowledge which learns new
facts and most of the time manages to change our opinion and belief. Often one
belief is discarded due to a new found fact, and then later another such newer
fact over-rules the immediate-previous fact, making the discarding to be a
mistake.. and we go through the reprocessing again.

Please allow me few more paragraphs to explain the remark which should have been
implied (due to obvious reasons my time and yours) in message no. 466.

"Universe is Embodied Consciousness".. There is no proof of we exist as any form
of living-thing after the life-cycle of our earthly body. What that remark
implies here is.. if we were not there ... the whole Universe's existence would
have been nothing/insignificant.. as their would have been no living form with a
"consciousness" to observe it's existence.

Most of the facts would tell us, we did not exist, when the Universe did. We do
not have to go very far, billions of years ago, when this earth was being
prepared, where our physical structure was being "prepared" either by accident
of nature or by a will-driven of One Unknown or by ourselves in another form...
Universe existed. There is a good possibility, that premitive form of "us" was
also prepared by another such accident or incident? .. And theoratically
speaking if there was a first spot for all of it to begin from, be it in a
butterfly or chaos system.. what ever.... It had nothing to do with.. our
current human concept of "consciousness" in it's widest meaning in any plane
that we can imagine today. Making the statement."The Universe is Embodied
Consciousness", with no solid proof to be universally accepted. As much as my
explanation being just as fragile in this particular paragraph.
Where our misunderstanding started is........ I was "NOT" questioning that
statement itself... the reasons to believe and not to believe that statement ..
I am equally aware of.

My remark "What can be proven wrong today, can be proven otherwise tomorrow" was
simple, the proof if ever possible, does not finalize anything. We might get to
see the past and detect life-forms in the most abstract existence .. with the
media of a new found wave far more efficient than ether.... And we might be able
to see and hear as far back as billions of years before the last Bang or what
ever.. And restructure our belief as.. Universe exists.. with or without us...
as no intelligence was detected.... and thus my remark was only on the
Compiler's key-line "assuming that it is true, until proven otherwise".. what is
proof today can be over-ruled tomorrow.. just few years after that discovery
another new wave might show .. some life form (maybe ourselves in a more
premitive form) existing all the way, as far back as we can see.

And such dramatic changes in our beliefs have always been there.


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