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Re: Concept of Mahatma:

Nov 18, 2000 08:20 AM
by arthra999

I don't recall many meeting many people as I only attended a few 
large Pujas and most of the time was at Trabucco. Gerald Heard 
had donated the Italian Renaissance style monastery to the 
vedanta Society.

I was at the Trabucco Canyon ashram in the winter and spring of 
1960 and I was then about twenty... There were five other monks 
there and Swami "V" (Vedanananda) as we called him. Swami 
Prabhavananda gave talks on the Vivekachudamani which he 
had translated a few years before. This experience in the 
Ashram was a real turning point in my life and I owe a lot to 
Swamiji. I was somewhat isolated at the Ashram although 
worked afew times in North Hollywood. 

I was always impressed with the genuine spiritual qualities 
possessed by the Swamis along with their down to earth 
character. We would meditate three hours a day and then polish 
eggs for there was a large poultry unit there. Some gardening 
and latrine duties. Our classes were about two hours in 

I later would visit Swami in Hollywood after his talks on the 

- Art

--- In, Kathleen Arc <KArc@c...> wrote:
> Dear Art -- Since you are a chela of Swami Prabhavananda, 
perhaps you knew
> my old friends who joined him in the '60's? Tat Twam Asi and 
> Love from kat in Italy

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