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Environmentalism and Space Architecture

Nov 17, 2000 02:24 PM
by arthra999

A few years ago I heard of Nadir kahlili and his homes 
constructed from natural material. He developed these homes 
from natural materials in the environment with the hope of also 
cutting the cost of shelter for people world wide. A Sufi 
conference in san bernardino, California also featured his 
concepts and toured models of his homes. For more information 
go to:

To me this is the kind of positive contribution that can be made to 
people struggling for adequate shelter. 

Paolo Soleri an Italian Architect also had model citiy built in 
Arizona on a three dimensional basis as opposed to the way 
cities are hapazardly spilled out on a two dimensional plane.

Auroville in Pondicherri is another example of new ways of 
finding community along the lines of the philosophy of Shri 

The early theosophists at Point Loma had similar concepts I 
believe as evidenced by the architecture there.

- Art


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