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Re: Theos-World No-Thing

Nov 09, 2000 11:30 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

I've seen that Krishnamurti expained carefully that a thing is an event with a beginning and and end in spacetime.
No-thing is not something.  "No-event" is not "some-event".
If each particle has it's anti-particle.  If each reaction has it's reaction then everything, every event, in sum, cancels out.  It is THAT which is left after everything is synthesized which is the no-thing or no-event.  THAT is beyond all possible thought.  THATis beyond everything.  THAT is Total Unconditioned Consciousnes and Bare Subjectivity.  Because Total Consciousness is closely related to change it can be suggested that Total Consciousness can be represented by Absolute Abstract Motion(The Great Breath).  Bare Subjectivity can be represented by Absolute Abstract Space(more akin to Newton's Abstract Space than to the spacetime of relativity which is, at a minimun, the distance between two particle.
Ah! It is like the Soul behind and expressed through the music, the heart in contrast to the mind, love in contrast to intellect, quality in contrast to mere appearance.
What if those struggling so hard to express the unified field theory in physics understand that with strong enough love-gravity each thing is fused into everything and everything cancels out and then even love and will aspects are no longer necessary?
We are consciousness working on a model of "reality" formed by obedience to the one law, are we not.  What happens when we finally understand everything?
Perhaps that's while the Chesire cat is smiling.
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Subject: Theos-World No-Thing

Dear Mr Carpenter,

Let's go deeper.. But you lead the way, I can only accompany, along with others interested. (I do read most messages, and most of the time I half agree/half disagree... and keep on lurking...)

What is "no-thing"? Everything we can imagine is something. It might not be material. But it is something.

So No-Thing has to be something we cannot or do not even imagine?

I am trying to initiate your thoughts, not conflicting. And hope united thoughts will have .. wider view(?!)

(or did I take your remark out of context?)


Eugene Carpenter wrote:


Yes.  But perhaps we should say "no-thing" should not be ignored!


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