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RE: Theos-World The Great Sacrifice:

Nov 09, 2000 06:57 AM
by Peter Merriott


Thanks for posting that passage from HPB. I think it is one of the most
beautiful passages in the SD. What does it mean for you?


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> Subject: Theos-World The Great Sacrifice:
> He is the "Initiator", called the "GREAT SACRIFICE". For sitting
> at the threshold of LIGHT, he looks into it from within the circle of
> Darkness, which he will not cross; nor will he quit his post till the
> last day of this life-cycle. Why does the solitary Watcher remain at
> his self-chosen post? Why does he sit by the fountain of
> primeval
> Wisdom, of which he drinks no longer, as he had naught to learn
> which
> he does not know - aye, neither on this Earth, nor in its heaven?
> Because the lonely, sore-footed pilgrims on their way back to
> their
> home are never sure to the last moment of not losing their way in
> this limitless desert of illusion and matter called Earth-Life.
> Because he would fain show the way to that region of freedom
> and
> light, from which he is a voluntary exile himself, to every prisoner
> who has succeeded in liberating himself for the sake of
> mankind,
> though but a few Elect may profit by the GREAT SACRIFICE.
> It is under the direct, silent guidance of this MAHA - (great) -
> GURU that all the other less divine Teachers and instructors of
> mankind became, from the first awakening of human
> consciousness, the
> guides of early Humanity. It is through these "Sons of God" that
> infant humanity got its first notions of all the arts and sciences,
> as well as of spiritual knowledge; and it is they who have laid the
> first foundation-stone of those ancient civilizations that puzzle so
> sorely our modern generation of students and scholars.
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