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RE: [bn-sd] Re: SPACE -- SD Vol. p. 9 and 11

Nov 07, 2000 01:15 PM
by Dallas Tenbroeck

Dear Mauri:

Re: SPACE and the SECRET DOCTRINE --Some thoughts on this
SD I pp. 9, 11

In the Occult Catechism the idea is to find out how much the
student (devotee, disciple) has thought out the puzzle.

There is no question that we exist (currently) in MANIFESTED

But, before Manifestation what was there, if anything? NON-SPACE
? Shall we call (for our convenience manifested Space POSITIVE
and non-manifested Space NEGATIVE ? Perhaps we could say that
there is SPACE in which there are set definitions, and those are
dependent on Karma -- of an immeasurable past.

Concerning the Source of that Space we think we know and can
measure (using such physical tools and instruments as we may
devise) we can say but little as it passes in thought from the
plane of limits into that of speculative fuzziness and vagueness.
However one may assure ones' self that there probably is as much
the reign of LAW "there" as here. In fact we may even speculate
that this ABSOLUTE is here with us and envelops us all the
time -- It forms the basis for all continuity, and all stability,
and might be called "THE CAUSELESS CAUSE."

In Metaphysics, words for concepts such as ABSOLUTENESS,
Duration, non-limits of all kinds, are devised. ( see SD I 130
top on the matter of the Two ONES, as an instance.) It continues
in speculating logically on such developments as might be
reasonable in the passage from non-manifestation into
manifestation. Ancient Hindu Vedic philosophy provides us with
words that indicate a SOURCE for the laws, spiritual personages
(once men such as we are now) and limits that periodically cause
"manifestation." There is the UNITY of ALL IN ALL. A paradox to
the mind (of limited experience) and a cosmos to the intuition.

We know that IN MANIFESTATION duality or CONTRAST provides a
basis for establishing relative realities. These contrasts can
be measured in time, space, causality, and possible attainments.
Our lives appear to be an expression of this as we experience
events, and reflect on their causes, meanings, and our position
in such occurrences.

We are left with at least 2 very large puzzles.

1.	What, if anything, was (or is there) behind, beyond, before
Manifested SPACE ?

2.	In Manifested SPACE, what (in us for instance, as a human
being) is able to perceive the Contrasts of duality (near/far,
positive/negative, hot/cold, wet/dry, soon/late,
visible/invisible, tangible/intangible, -- the many polar
"opposites," etc...)

Logically there is a THIRD something that is unaffected by these
contrasts, and because it is not a part of the variables they
provide, is enabled to conceive of the various levels of
relationship which the polar opposites provide.

[Otherwise, if it were also a variable, a margin of error would
have to be always considered in measurement. We would assume
that this "observer," "witness," would be aware of the
allegorical symmetry of cyclic return of situations and
impressions. It would be in search of the "laws," whereby one
might fore-trace, or anticipate, a return of similar events
(day/night, seasonal changes, solid/liquid/gas states and the
temperatures at which transition occurs, force, energy,
electricity, magnetism, sound, light, vibration, and a medium in
which vibration could be either stored or transmitted.) ]

Does this THIRD "real," "unchangeable," "immutable," timeless,"
"Witness/Observer," etc... exist, or is it necessary?

What is the function of Mankind or of each person? What is the
nature of intelligence, awareness, consciousness ? is there any
change, growth, purpose to be inferred here?

But while one might go on providing questions to consider and
correlate, the main study would involve eventually the whole of
Nature and focus around a single one QUESTION: What is the
purpose of a human life?

One might recall that Theosophy views the Universe, our Earth,
and man's existence as a causative and purposive objective. It
suggests that the CONSCIOUSNESS of man is, for each one, in the
nature of a Pilgrimage.

The PILGRIM is a "Ray" of the ONE SPIRIT (detached as to focus,
yet, lying within the vast sphere --of SPACE -- that is
immeasurable, and that it is constantly operating with and within
another sphere broadly called the "Psychic" -- of feeling,
sensing, thinking, remembering and anticipating. The third part
of the "package" is of course physical matter (with which is
associated vitality and some kind of an electro-magnetic lattice
work, whereon the physical "atoms and molecules" may assemble to
form the many kinds of cells needed for living on our Earth.

It is held that the CONSCIOUSNESS (Wisdom and Mind) are immortal
aspects of the One Spirit-Ray; the Psyche is a combination of
the mind and desires and passions which are focused on the
personality, now very much alive.

REINCARNATION is the process of progress, and, an indication of
the probable and final perfection (in any one period of
manifestation) for the Consciousness-Ray that is Man's superior
SELF (Spirit/Soul). This is the IMMORTAL MAN, the ETERNAL

The concept of the invariable cross-effects of interactive life
on Earth of Mankind and all the entities that constitute the
various "kingdoms" of Nature, is called Karma (or, the Laws of
Karma). It is held that the objective of all sciences,
philosophies, sociological and ecological aspects of living are
focused on securing a clear understanding of how Nature's LAWS
(Karma) works both collectively and individually. It is a huge
field to master in detail, but the general regulations are
discernable. One might classify them under the general term

As far as I can see this leaves only the question of "Where do we
learn? Where are the Text-books, and Who are the Teachers? Mme.
Blavatsky covers this in her books and articles, and if we read
them, even superficially, we will secure a view of our early
history, as a Solar System, an Earth, a Race, a person, which
cannot be secured in such a condensed area elsewhere.

In a field of learning as vast as that envisaged there are always
some students who have persisted in examining all the phenomena
of life and have left records of their search. These records are
scattered, or written in symbols and ancient languages. -- if we
would learn from those we have to (in this incarnation) learn
something of their codes and how to interpret the artifacts and
relics we find. Theosophy points to that.

Best wishes,


D. T. B.


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[bn-sd] STUDY TOPIC vol one page 9

A quote from that post:

"What is that which was, is, and will be, whether there is
a Universe or not; whether there be gods or none?" asks
the esoteric Senzar Catechism. And the answer made is
-- SPACE."

So what is meant by "SPACE"?

According to my old Webster: "1. distance extending
without limit in all directions; that which is thought of as
boundless, continuous expanse extending in all directions
or in three dimensions, within which all material things
are contained."

But what is "space" really, aside from, and in addition
to, that dictionary/limited/conventional popular
world-view definition?

Could the interest in theosophical things come from a
basic dissatisfaction with current, popular world-view
definitions of things like "space"?

Theosophy would seem to me to offer that
more-meaningful connecting link between "material"
things and "space" and "mind."

It occurred to me that it would be interesting to read a
theosophical definition of "space," but I couldn't find the
word "space" in a "Theosophical Glossary." Thinking
about the meaning of "space", it seems to me that
"space" and "mind" are intimately connected
in the sense that one's current notions about "space"
reflect the state of understanding of one's current
"mind": that in order for "mind"
to cognize "objects" (and one might ask "what are
objects?") within its world-view or parameters an
appropriate/applicable medium, or "space", is/becomes
a necessary extension of that mind-world. So that
SPACE, OBJECTS and MIND are, essentially,
reflective of one's current world view---in addition to
such considerations as "What is that which was, is, and
will be, whether there is a Universe or not; whether
there be gods or none?"

So, apparently, a chief object of theosophy is to expand
that world view by way of the rules of the game. And
since those rules are so intimately tied up with the
NATURE of MIND, (or, in other words, with the nature
of Nature or the nature of Existence), something called
"theosophy" needs to step in to show the way (or
"Path") and to point out key concepts of MIND,
variations of which are theosophically referred to by
words such as Atma, Buddhi, Manas, Spirit.


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