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Higgs bosom and Orphic concept of the Net:

Nov 07, 2000 08:53 AM
by Arthur E. Gregory

Some of you may recall the quotation I cited earliar regarding the 
Higgs-bosom field:

.... Instead of a field spread throughout all space a solid 
> contains a lattice of positively charged crystal atoms. When an  
> electron moves through the lattice the atoms are attracted to it, 
> causing the electron's effective mass to be as much as 40 
> bigger than the mass of a free electron.  The postulated Higgs 
> field in the vacuum is a sort of hypothetical lattice which fills our 
> Universe."

This "lattice of positively charged crystal atoms" reminds of an 
ancient Orphic concept found in M.L. West's The Orphic Poems 
published by Orford university Press, on page 10 is the following 
description is made under the topic of Krater, Net, Robe:

"The Net was in all probability the Orphic poem known to 
Aristotle in which the formation of a living creasture was likenend  
to the knitting of a net. The image already alluded to in the 
Tamaeus suggests that the soul is air occupying the interstices 
of a material body. It savours of Pythagoreanism for there is a 
certain analogy between the picture of the net being built loop by 
loop and the Pythagorean number cosmogony in which the 
world is built up from a monad that breaths in ..." 

The Orphic Poems by M.L. West are based largely on his 
research into the recently discovered Derveni papyrus!

I also wanted to mention one of the best texts on Orphism by 
Robert Eisler entitled Orpheus the Fisher produced in 1921. In 
his Preface, Eisler makes the following statement: 

"My lasting gratitude is due to my dear friend GRS Mead, BA, 
MRAS whose indefatigable help has made it possible to me to 
present these essays to the English speaking public ..."

Arthur Gregory


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