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RE: Theos-World Abstract thinking

Nov 06, 2000 02:49 PM
by Peter Merriott

Below is a relevant passage from HPB.

"The mind is dual in its potentiality: it is physical and metaphysical. The higher part is connected with the spiritual soul or Buddhi, the lower with the animal soul, the Kama principle. There are persons who never think with the higher faculties of their mind at all. Those who do so are the minority... These will think even of ordinary matters on that HIGHER plane.... Certainly [this habit] can be developed, but only with great difficulty, a firm determination, and through much sacrifice. But it is comparitively easy for those born with the gift. Why is it that one person sees poetry in a cabbage or a pig with her little ones, while another will perceive in the loftiest of things only their lowest and most material aspect, will laugh at the 'music of the spheres' and ridicule the most sublime conceptions and philosophies This difference depends simply on the innate power of the mind to think on the higher or on a lower plane, with the ASTRAL (in the sense given to the word by de Saint Martin), or with the physical brain."

(from "Dialogue between Two Editors", Collected Writings X 223)

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There are those who can think abstractlyand there are those who can not.
Of those who can think abstractly there are those who refuse to.

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