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Re: Theos-World Higgs Boson

Nov 05, 2000 11:25 AM
by Eugene Carpenter


Also it will substantiate the Ancient Wisdom. It is the answer as to why
energy( life) polarizes as energy-matter and doesn't simply remain energy?

Physics and metaphysics and Cosmic Physics all correspond. In the pursuit
of evermore loving rational thought we all become of one mind and one heart
and this seems a clue as to how Someone wants it to be.


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> Hi guys -- In reference to the G*d particle which may now be possible to
> prove, "I say it's spinach and I say...etc." In other words, it IS
> thrilling - yes - but to me the whole point of this study and our
> is that nothing ever ends and there is no FINAL particle which will prove
> "G*d". It will all continue to be smaller and smaller and greater and
> greater -- As above So below.
> What it will prove will be contemporary science's stubborn need to be the
> "be-all and end-all" answerman. It will be fun, though, won't it? Love
> from Italy, Kat

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