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Re: Theos-World Re: Question about resources

Nov 01, 2000 02:42 AM
by Kathleen Arc

Very beautifully put, Gene. Thank you. I am in Italy with an American
sculptor whose work of 60 years is world wide and representational, in
bronze, terra cota and wood. after being alone almost 30 years, I married
this year. We live on 10 acres of trees near a lake and woods. He was
born with this innate ability...and one of the joys of our life is that I
am beginning to discuss more freely "where" his art comes from. 
Synchronistically, he was born in NY and as a little boy -- already
wellknown for his art -- he went regularly to the Roerich Museum for
training and he knew Roerich. Isn't life fun? Love, Kat in Italy

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