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Re: Theos-World Re: Question about resources

Oct 30, 2000 09:08 AM
by Eugene Carpenter


I thought the sections in the Biography of Blavatsky by Sylvia Cranston were
a wonderful introduction as to how theosophy as affected modern art.

About ten years ago the Los Angeles County Museusm of Art had a complete
showing devoted to this topic(concerning the visual arts) with Blavatsky's
pictures etc and works of Kandinsky and Mondarin(sp?) and actual
theosophical texts on display. Wow! What an event!

In modern dance, one of the pioneers was Ruth St. Denis who was devoted to
the hindu religious dance forms and performed her dance production called
Radha(?sp) all over the world in the early part of this century and then in
her early sixties danced the role in a movie version made in the forties.

I'm guessing that theosophy and high quality art may be the same phenomena!
It is the buddhic intuition that leads the artist in expressions from the
latent into the actual. Actualization from the Soul.
Expressions of Divine Wisdom.


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> Shelley:
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> >I am writing a paper on Theosophy and how it has affected Art and would
> >like some reliable sources for my references. As an unlearned student in
> >Theosophy, I am at a loss for a starting point. Any help you could offer
> >would be much appreciated. Please reply to the e-mail below. Thank you.
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> >Sincerely,
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