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Re: Theos-World A plea for theosophy with a small "t":

Oct 26, 2000 02:11 AM
by Kathleen Arc

I'm disposed to agree with John, Art and Lucas...for more than egoistic

...because whenever a Great Teacher "dies" there are always schisms. I see
that with the recent passing of a teacher whose work and interaction
propelled me forward in this lifetime. Although it was a very painful
process to move beyond the functioning parameters of my own emotional
state, it was an exhilarating discovery to later realize I was no longer
under its "thrall". It was as if the "original Wound" had been lanced by a
very precise hand. I could still hang out there if I wanted to be pissy,
having one of those minds that dislikes being "wrong" -- HA! It's still a
very familiar and attractive hang-out -- which this type of study allows me
to rise beyond from time to time. But I no longer THOUGHT I was that
emotional body. And now occasionally I can inhabit a condition where I'm
no longer the Lower Mind either.

Having had the personal experience of "growing" beyond one body to another
in this lifetime, I see what a fool I can be (and was) when I retrn to my
old "haunts". The trouble is I can't seem to lose it and get it gone
permanently. Mental Training and personal re-structuring are necessary. 
But I can only learn with what I have functioning so far, n'est-ce pas? So
I'm going to be drawn to this one or that one, given my "orientation". 
More's the pity. And Karma. I always speak with a combo of mind-feeling
because that's where I live -- and I am now actually physically living
somewhere where I can finally spend focused time on this writing of Mme.
Blavatsky's. When I return to the states in January I hope to get my own
copy of SD and Isis Unveiled. I'm ashamed to say I've never personally
read them -- I wasn't able to before. It's a lot like when I demanded of
myself that I read all of Shakespeare as a 13-year-old just to say I'd done
it. Well it was a start! And I DO have all the "Collected Writings" which
were accomplished to keep the wolf from the door. 

HPB's seminal work is still "code" to me, however. Therefore, my
superiority notwithstanding, I' need a good dose of humility doled out by
continuing to "hang" with you all when I can get my mind around your
precise and clear delineations. Of course there are many "bodies" and of
course I do not yet inhabit very many of them -- although they're all
properly attached. It's like a fully-loaded computer (such as the one on
which I write) where one only uses a fraction of the power and tools
available. That's why I would hope to see you all move beyond prejudices
of your own mental bodies so that we can together decipher from the Higher
Mind -- in an altered state from that of the normal logical mind -- much
of what has been dictated and written down via that particular incredible

So thank you for continuing to speak of the octaves of consciousness. Just
like advertising, I only begin to get it when I've heard it all at least
three times. And thank you for including the work of others who came
after. Eventually we can all sort the wheat...etc. Kat in Italy 

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