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Re: Theos-World How best to share Theosophy?

Oct 22, 2000 10:53 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Good. Thanks. I'll look at the web page. After many years I've decided to
learn more mathematics and go the route of Franklin Merrill Wolfe as
mathematics is a good language to know in trying to relate theosophy to
scientists. I am interested in meeting all theosophy students and
particularly those interested in A.A.B and then super particulary in those
who are interested in the geometrical key to understanding the materials.

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> > Hi Gene
> > Glad to hear you are interested!
> > We are an independent group of students from ULT in
> > L.A.
> > Our web site is at
> >
> > Drop around, Wit and all
> >
> > Dorothy Lord
> >
> > I live in Malibu I have been interest THeosophy,
> Alice Bailey I am working to form meetings in the
> Golden Dome which should be finished in a couple of
> months.
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