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Re: Theos-World Hitler

Oct 18, 2000 07:26 PM
by Shampan-e-Shindh wrote:

In a message dated 10/18/00 12:29:39 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

<< But, if someone saves me from death,
only because I am useful to him and later uses me by decieving
me, obscuring his selfish motives, and manages to keep on fooling
me, while he remains "noble in appearance", should I like him? >>

Well, I would consider being saved from death to be something that would
cover a multitude of motives.  Given the choice, I would rather have my life
saved by someone acting for selfish reasons than be shot by someone acting
for the good of humanity.

Chuck the Heretic

My view is Sir, if those two are the choices left, we should get to the rectifying the cause of both, rather than the symptoms. That is what Theosophy is about .. is it not?
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