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Oct 17, 2000 10:19 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

Perhaps this is the Ahemdya belief:-

"Also there is a long tradition in Islam that Jesus somehow
escaped the
crucifixion, this is found in the Qu'ran. Some apocryphal Gospels
I believe to support this view."

That is not shared by all Islamic community.
According to the main-stream, the belief is Jesus was crucified
.. that is that, no hint of his return so far. There is no
mention of his arrival in the far east, neither positive, nor
negative. The confusion regarding that footprint is believed to
be the desciiple who was martyred in India, some expert here
might offer more detail on which of the 12 desciples reached

There is a mention in Islamic scripture, of Jesus promising.. he
will return .. but only just before the "Day of Judgement". The
last day before the end of this universe. When the sun will rise
in the west. The specualted scientifical explanation is, the
earth's rotation on it's axis is constantly losing speed by
1000th second per year (appr); when the earth's centripetal and
centrifugal forces reach alomost zero, earth will nearly touch
the sun as the gradual distance betweeen sun and earth decline.
And that is also described as "The sun will be just be about one
fist apart from your head, your brains will boil like boiling
water, the hills and rocks shall turn into dust, and float on air
like cotton and smoke.. .....etc."; Jesus is prophecized to
return then, if my memory serves me right.


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