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Theos-World Re: Kundalini

Oct 17, 2000 01:43 AM
by Kathleen Arc

My suggestion about siddhis -- powers -- is this. If you are unprepared
and you "force" such break-throughs, you will experience surges you are
unprepared to handle. I had a friend whose karma was such in the 70's. 
She is unfortunately not with us in the body currently because she was
unable to adjust to what occurred and ascribed it to former life karma. 
That's not my business.

I also taught hatha yogi in the '60's...many of my friends in L.A. at the
time were doing drugs, smoking, drinking and ALSO doing kundalini yoga --
we knew nothing of what we were fooling with. BUT we were, as younger
people are today, here for the end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of the
golden age. We were possibly advanced and brought in loving hearts --
however It is necessary for us to know what we are doing to ourselves
because ignorance is no excuse, n'est-ce pas? There were many of my
friends who were having breakdowns and I was able to help them because I
knew a tiny bit -- I had been one of the "hippies" and had walked away from
that lifestyle....but I had learned much and each lifestyle I take on,
teaches me anew. I always felt after the '60's I was finally born,
although at the time in my '30's.

Children have to grow naturally and are (in my quaint lingo) as much aliens
as any outsiders from to speak. It is the hormones and chakras
that begin to move and adjust and balance through teenage-hood as well as
throughout one's life depending on how one educates oneself. It is perhaps
necessary to find a True Teacher to learn what to do and what not to do. 
For instance i was lucky enough to find a teacher who could "see" what was
going on inside this body of "mine". He admonished me strongly -- many
times because I'm a hard case -- to let go hatha yoga. It "held me to the
physical body" you see -- so that I was unable to leave it at night and
move into other spheres as might be possible due to the training I was
undergoing spiritually. it might not be wrong for another being, you see? 
That's why a true teacher is so valuable.

So each of us has a destiny and many of us alive today wish to believe
ourselves advanced. That may be so because we are here now. But there are
many others here also, who (to my way of looking) have just entered the
human kingdom. Sometimes in looking at myself and my failings, I don't
feel so far from the animals myself. So I continue to strive.

i just worry when I hear people discussing how to bring about "powers"
quicker than they might naturally evolve. with love, Kat in Italy

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