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Re: Looking for the recent book on "Occult Chemistry"

Oct 15, 2000 08:27 PM
by Eldon B Tucker


Sorry about the delay in my reply. I'm not sure myself
where to point you, but will post your message on the
theos-talk and theos-l mailing lists to see if someone
there has any information that can help you. Perhaps
someone who is actively studying Leadbeater's writings
and keeping up on science has the information that you
want. I'm not much help, since I've been focusing
on other theosophical writings.

-- Eldon Tucker

At 02:13 PM 9/17/00 -0400, you wrote:

>Somewhere I read a review of the recent (1982?) book by a modern scientist comparing the finding of Occult Chemistry with modern particle physics theory. Can you help me locate the title or author? I looked thru your listings of articles and didn't see it. A Waldorf high school science teacher would like to see the modern book. PLEASE REPLY TO Thanks

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