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Re: Theos-World kundaliny

Oct 11, 2000 05:41 AM
by Kathleen Arc

Hi All -- There is an American Zen Master (Maestra?) named Roshi Jiyu
Kennett, who I believe runs/ran a Zen Monastery in northern California
after submitting herself to the punishing Zen Process in Japan as a woman
(less than) and as a Westerner -- more than less than. She wrote 4 books
-- one of which, "How to Grow a Lotue Blossom," explains in very simple
terms how the Kundalini experience occurred in her body and how it was
protected and processed until completed. The term Kundalini is never used.
One needs to know what the experience describes in order to know that is
what is being described. but it is a quite beautiful and simply told
story. The four books taken together explain the process of being first an
ego with a "good idea" to become reactive the first step
was for her submissive she became as she began to understand the
value "service" had in evolving her as a truly spiritual human being...and
the continual process of growing into her higher selves or chakras as the
kundalini began to be raised. The books may well have been published by
her monastery -- it has been some time since I read them but the publishing
info is:

Shasta Abbey
Headquarters of the Reformed Soto Zen Church
P. O. Box 478
Mount Shasta, CA 96067

Regards from Italy, Kat

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