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Jesus in Tibet?

Oct 09, 2000 06:59 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

Mr Arthur Gregory wrote:-

"Saint Issa or Jesus having been in Kashmere or Tibet. The
"scrolls" were read and translated for him andhe took notes which
were later confirmed by Swami Abhedananda who made a special trip
to the same Hemis monastery years later to confirm Notoviches
story. All this I find rather interesting however since
no manuscripts to substantiate the story were ever brought out of
monastery that we know of it has been imossible to scientifically

confirm it. I personally feel Swami Abhedananda was a very
trustworthy, knowledgeable person."

Exactly my thoughts, if Jesus himself was there or one of his
followers or someone before him with similar ideas.. I fail to be
sure. Jesus did travel a lot, sometimes alone, did go to visit
the Qumran - monks, where I am sure all sorts of scriptures and
written documents were. Did he travel further east? There are lot
of rumours/ .. even one stating.. Moses also reached Kashemere ..
where he is buried. As you have stated.. no solid proof can be

My knack was in my earlier life (before I got myself engulfed
with materialistic world) .. to establish a link between,.. the
Dead Sea Scrolls, later re-established by Jesus.. who introduced
the "LOVE"-emphasis .. perhaps reading some other materials at
Qumran or even from the far east if he really traveled that far.
The most deeply, accurately, rightly detailed about this
"love"-emphasis was undoubtedly the term "Mehr" by Zshoarastro,
who was very keen on Indus Valley philosphies. Zshoarastro's
thoughts must have been in Qumran, my speculation. I should add
here, Zshoarastro did not just learn of it from the eastern
scriptures... he had the feelings quite deeply, but learnt of
more thinkers like himself being obsessed with it from the
scriptures.. and became more sure of that "Mehr"-instinct.

Kundaliny / Mehr.. many other terms.. all relate to the..
definite existance of the undetailed truth.. something like that.

I better stop.. I get carried away..

PLEASE NOTE: None of my statements are to be taken as facts, they
are only a summation of what I have read from various resources.
I do not intend to prove myself right, I wish to seek the truth,
with your assistance. Looking forward to any friendly

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