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"Himalayan Lights"

Oct 08, 2000 08:19 AM
by arthra999

>From the first vol. of the Letters of Helena Roerich is an mention
"Himalayan Lights" which I thought would be of interest to share:

"In archeological respects our valley, of course, is one of the 
richest and most ancient, There are traces of ancient Buddhist 
culture.... Fiery atmospheric manifestations also could be observed 
here, amd so called 'Himalayan lights' may often be seen. It is most 
desirable to establish here a meteorlogical station to start
and observing the magnetic currents..."

A letter dated 13 October, 1930

I really don't gather from the notation here as well as that made by 
Nicolai Roerich in his description of the object sited on their 
expedition the kind of consuming fascination that people have with 
UFOs today, but rather they reflect to me a conservative and more 
objective interest. 

- Art

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