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Sightings of UFOs are throughout ancient literature:

Oct 05, 2000 09:00 PM
by Linda gregory

> From: Estrella <>
> Subject: little gray man....or hot alien boys??
> By the way, does anyone seen the american tv serie "Roswell"? Isn't the
> main guy hot?? I love that show!!
> So, thinking on the matter, Anyone here has ever tought of the
> posibility of life in other planets?? Is the UFO conspiracy a hoax?? do
> the aliens look like little gray men, or they look like us, or both??
> Do the aliens accustom to brush their teeth??? And if they look like
> us, are they handsome????
> So many questions, so little answers.....
> Estrella :-p~

I found a couple of interesting points about this issue of UFOs and
theosophy... During the thirties Nicholas Roerich and his expedition were
traveling in and around Tibet when they sighted a UFO... a flying disk
(can't recall the words he used) but it was long before such sightings
became popular in America anyway...the Tibetans in their party said they
were near Shamballa and the UFO was a sign of that...

In my reading translations of the pillars of Asoka I also found a reference
to sightings of celestial cars and fire balls of light and that these
sightings were indications that nonviolence was now being practised in
Asoka's realm! 

We also know of celestail cars as well as celestial weapons in the great
epics of India.

As far as life on other worlds, theosophical literature generally supports
it as do the cosmological views of the Pythagoreans and other
representatives of the ancient wisdom teachings!

- Art

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